Dana Shemesh's Flexing and Armwrestling Video
(with additional Strength Games!)
Welcome to the page of IFBB Pro Dana Shemesh!
Hi, I'm Dana Shemesh. I'm an IFBB Pro and veteran soldier of the Israeli
Army!! I'm proud to say that being strong and in great show shape is a true
joy of mine. Not only does it keep me in peak shape, but it also brings me
great happiness knowing that I'm following my passion of being a strong,
confident woman who can do anything she sets out to do, without letting any
obstacles get in the way!! I'm looking forward to doing more videos
highlighting my physique and strength and can't wait to hear from the fans
just how much enjoyment I bring them.  
20 minute video (821 MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Its the day after the Tampa Pro show and the Wimpy Webmaster has the good fortune of running into the great Dana
Shemesh, IFBB Pro!! Not only does she have the most impressive body, she has an amazing, fun personality and great
sense of humor and beauty also!!  She's happy to do her first video for us and surely this will be one of your all-time
favorite ones to watch and enjoy!! Dana Flexes and poses which shows off her peaked competition muscle physique
(including her jaw-dropping-strong Biceps, washboard Abs, Legs of steel and more!!) Also includes: BICEP PULLDOWN,
MERCY and a new feat of strength - an ARM RESTRAINT game which Dana came up with where the Webmaster tries to
resist HER STRENGTH by pulling his arms up as she holds them down (this game was totally for REAL!). Dana's most
impressive feat of strength came during ARMWRESTLING where her strong, machine biceps put the Webmaster down with
ease. Includes Righty, Lefty, and him even cheating using his TWO hands against her entire hand. All she can do is smile
and enjoy every minute while she has fun with her first Flexing and ArmWrestling video. Be sure not to miss out watching
this video. You'll quickly see why the addition of world famous, Dana Shemesh on our site is a win for all the fans!!
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