Welcome to DangerDoll Daniella's Page!
Hi, I'm Amazing Amber and Mighty Melanie's friend Daniella - I'm a
Fitness and Figure competitor who loves to lift heavy.  I recently
started doing more bodybuilding to put on more muscle.  My friend
thought I would be perfect for this site and after my Tryout, I think the
webmaster would agree.  I had a blast doing these videos and I look
forward to doing more with my friend Melanie.
28 min 28 sec Tryout Video
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Daniella's Tryout Video
(Armwrestling, Bicep Pull-Down, Head-Scissoring, Abs Punching, Game of Mercy,
Arm-to-Arm Tug of War, Lifts and Carries, and more!)
The webmaster is surprised when Mighty Melanie shows up with her very hot and hardbodied friend Daniella.  When she tells the webmaster
shes pursuing a bodybuilding career, he knew he would have to give her a Tryout to test how strong she really was (with Melanie as
camerawoman).  Turns out Daniella is as strong as she is gorgeous!  She didn't even break a sweat while the Wimpy Webmaster was
struggling mightily against her in Armwrestling, Mercy and Tug of War.  Daniella took it all with good humor as Wimpy was often cheating with
2 hands.  After her Bicep Strength was proven beyond belief, Daniella punished Wimpy's fist with her rock-hard abs!  If that wasn't enough,
she then went on to Lift and Carry Wimpy around the apartment like a sack of patatoes! (Cradle, Over the Shoulder, Firemans, and
Piggyback).  But the ultimate humiliation came at the end when after Daniella Leg pressed him a few times,  she knocked him out with her
monster quads after Wimpy was stupid enough to demand that she use a 100% of her leg strength when applying a head scissor!
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Daniella's Fun with Melanie Video in Hi-Res
Flexing/Posing, Muscle Admiration, and Armwrestling
9 minute Flexing, Armwrestling, Muscle Admiration Video
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After talking about and admiring each others fit and sexy bodies, Daniella and Melanie decide to
armwrestle to see who is  actually stronger.  After  a couple of hard-fought matches, the girls once
again can't stop eyeing and touching each others muscular physiques while they do a sizzling hot
side-by-side flexing and posing routine.  They just can't seem to get enough of each others ABS,
BICEPS, and LEGS but it is the viewer that wins in this real treat of a video!!
18 min 17sec Lift and Carry Video
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Daniella and Melanie's Lift and Carry Fun
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Originally produced as a custom video, 2 of the hottest and sexiest girls on the site also prove
that they might be 2 of the strongest girls too as they take turns lifting each other and the wimpy
webmaster.  Both girls do almost every lift you could imagine (cradle. side straddle, leg press,
ots, fireman's, piggy, back piggy, etc) and they both genuinely seem to enjoy the challenge of
who could do it easier.
21 min 54 sec Armwrestling Video
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Daniella's Bikini Armwrestling Video
In one of the hottest Fantasy Armwrestling videos ever, watch as Daniella in her
All-American Bikini destroys and humiliates the poor Wimpy Webmaster in
Armwrestling in almost every way imaginable (standing, sitting, laying down, with
him using 2 arms, she even beats him while reading, eating chocolates, flexing and
posing for her fans, and more!)  Daniella has a lot of fun showing off her gorgeous
bikini body AND Superior strength as Wimpy just wont give up!
17 min 15 sec Lift and Carry Video
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Daniella's Lift and Carry Video 2
Daniella shows just how strong she really is by lifting and carrying the
175 pound wimpy webmaster in a variety of ways - all with amazing
ease! Lifts include Front Cradle, Leg Press, Piggyback, Back to back
Piggyback, Over the Shoulder, Fireman's Carry, and Shoulder Ride
(despite Wimpy being real nervous about that one!)
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Daniella and Amber's Lift Carry and Strength Domination Video
40 minute Muscle and Strength Extravaganza!
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VideoTeasing proudly presents DangerDoll Daniella and Amazing Amber in one incredible 40 minute video in which they show
off their sexy physiques and awesome strength by lifting and carrying each other and by physically dominating the wimpy
webmaster.  This video includes the following: Amber cradling, leg pressing and piggybacking Daniella and leg pressing
Wimpy.  Daniella lifting Amber (cradle curls, piggyback, back-to-back-piggyback, leg press, over the shoulder, firemans, long
shoulder ride, and donkey calf raises!). Daniella lifting Wimpy (piggyback, Leg press, over the shoulder).  Amber beating
Wimpy in game of Mercy and in Armwrestling.  Daniella beating Wimpy with 2 fingers in Armwrestling.  Amber and Daniella
Armwrestle each other.  Daniella squeezes Wimpy's Bicep with her Quads until he taps! Wimpy tries pulling down Daniella's
flexed bicep. Amber and Daniella both flex pose and admire each others toned physiques and a whole lot more!