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NEW! - Daphne's Mini-Tryout Video
The webmaster was scouting for new models at a sports and fitness expo and came across an extremely fit woman
named Daphne. She grabbed immediately grabbed everyone’s attention when she easily swung the hammer to ring
the bell at one of the booths. She’s a winner with biceps and muscle galore!!” She’s intrigued with fans who admire
muscle and strength and she happily shows off her amazing physique. She proudly flexes her strong, and very
muscular, show stopping biceps, also including her jaw-dropping physique from head to toe!!  
She proves that she’s got super strength behind her amazing looking muscle when put to the test.
She gives the Webmaster a glimpse into her full power as her bicep doesn’t even budge during BICEP PULLDOWN.
She easily takes him down in ARMWRESTLING and shows him no mercy as they go RIGHTY and LEFTY, all while she
keeps up her high energy and beautiful smile!!
Includes: LIFT and CARRY Bonus!! Daphne has a lot of energy to burn and Lifts the Webmaster several ways
including: STRAIGHT UP, CRADLE and PIGGY-BACK!! An amazing glimpse into her power and strength, surely to make
all the fans speechless!!  
12 minute Video (479MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Hello, I am from Brazil. I don’t speak much English but I speak the
universal language of muscle!! I am full of energy and am proud
of my very strong biceps and body. Being in top-bodybuilding
shape brings me happiness. I enjoyed my time with the
Webmaster, showing that I look strong and that I am really
strong!! Thank you fans for all your support.
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