Welcome to Dasia's page!
Hi guys, I'm Dasia. First glance at me you'll notice my femininity
and then out come the biceps!! Yeah baby....I'm proud of my looks
and just as proud of my body!! I work hard at keeping in shape
and I'm strong enough to lift guys bigger than me. I can't wait to
show off my strength and highlight my physique in future videos.
In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the show.
NEW! - Dasia's Interview Audition Video
8 min 24 sec Video  (202MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
The fans are in for a treat as Dasia debuts herself during her audition that was shot via webcam with the webmaster.
First impression of her is WOW!! She's jaw-dropping gorgeous with a super-hot physique that impress like no ones
business. She flexes her rock-solid biceps which not only brings out her amazing, defined muscle but she  also
shows off her feminine side by doing impressive pec flexing, individually isolating and bouncing each side of her
chest. She's the perfect VideoTeasing model with the three B's....Biceps, Beauty and Boobs!!
She earns herself a place on the site and is eager to show the webmaster more as soon as it's safe to get together for
her in-person, official tryout in the future.  Be sure to watch this awesome video and get to know beautiful and strong
Dasia as she'll quickly become one of your favorite models!!    
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