Welcome to Destroyer Dee's Page!
Hi I'm Dee, I'm an outgoing energetic girl who has always been very competitive.
 Stand in my way and I will Destroy you (but I'll smile while doing it!). Although
petite, as a professional dancer, I have a deceptively strong hard body as you
will see in my videos.   I can lift and carry men twice my size with the greatest of
ease.  And unless, you're Superman, good luck in trying to beat me at arm
wrestling.  I know you'll enjoy my videos as I tease and taunt my "victims".  
Dee's Arm Video 3
Dee's  Armwrestling Video 1
Dee's Arm Video 2
Watch Dee take on her muscular boyfriend
in some very competitive mixed
armwrestling  matches.  (6min 11sec)
Dee's trash talking is backed up by
action in this hot mixed armwrestling
video (6min)
Dee beats a girl in Armwrestling and
then she beats her AND her boyfriend at
the SAME TIME!!  (6min)
Dee's Armwrestling Package - 3 videos (over 18 minutes)
Link to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY adter receiving payment
Dee's Lift and Carry
Video 1
Dee's Lift and Carry
Video 2
Dee's Lift and
Carry Video 3
Dee's Lift and Carry
Video 4
Dee lifts and carries a much
bigger man with astonishing
ease.  Cradles, piggybacks,
over-the-shoulders and more Dee
really gets into proving to the guy
how strong she is! (7min)
Leg Presses, piggybacks,
back-to-back piggybacks,
and over-the-shoulder lifts
highlight this video as Dee
displays her amazing
strength (9min37sec)
Dee is determined to find a stranger
to satisfy her Lift and Carry
urges...and no one is stranger than
"Rico the Garedner" You won't
believe what she does with Rico in
this video!! (10min28sec)
Dee's at it again!! Only this time
she's lifting a very muscular 200
pound man every which way,
including a never before done
Dee's Lift and Carry Package - 4 videos (over 34 minutes)
Link to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Dee's Bicep Flexing and
Posing Video 1
Dee's Bicep Flexing Video 2
Dee's Scissor Video 1
DON'T MAKE DEE ANGRY!  See Dee scissor
the life out of  her cheating boyfriend in a
sexy display of leg strength (6min44sec)
See Dee pump up her biceps as she gives you an inside
look at her amazing workout routine! (7min19sec)
Dee shows off her tight little physique with
special attention to her biceps which
magically bulge when she flexes! (6min47sec)
Dee's Abs of Steel Video 1
Dee's Belly Roll Video
Dee's Abs Flexing Video
Dee shows off her rock-hard abs as she
challenges a guy to punch her as hard as he can
- simply amazing! (3min14sec)
Dee displays her rock-hard abs as she does one
of the sexiest belly roll dances ever! (3min33sec)
Dee flexes those tight abs in a video you'll need
to see over and over to believe! (4min44sec)
Dee's Assorted Video Package - 6 videos (over 32 minutes)
Link to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
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