Welcome to Hey There Delilah's Page!
Hey there, I'm Delilah. I've been shy my entire life, but now, I'm a
new woman! I've recently decided to break out of my shell by
getting implants, wearing sexy outfits and trying out for
VideoTeasing.com. I think you'll like what you will see.
Delilah's Tryout Video
The webmaster is surprised when Delilah shows up for open auditions. She's not the typical muscle girl he's used to working with but as he's a
nice guy, he gives her an audition. Delilah is eager and ready to prove she's strong. She uses her feminine distraction technique to help her get
ahead.. Delilah passes the LIFT & CARRY portion with heels on. Lifts include: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, LEG PRESS, and DONKEY CALF RAISES
(with Wimpy on her back). Wimpy admits Delilah is strong but she must pass the ARMWRESTLING and BICEP PULLDOWN tests. Her outfit is so
distracting that the webmaster's arms go down each round as he grows weaker. Delilah surprises him with a bikini that shows off her new
implants....speechless!  Delilah takes him on a little more in armwrestling and her sex appeal keeps Wimpy from winning. Wimpy's sure he'll get
ahead in his GAME OF MERCY but staring at her cleavage makes him go down like a set of bricks. Delilah shows how tough she is as she simply
laughs during the ABS PUNCHING test. Wimpy feels confident that Delilah's look and outfits won't make him tap out in the SCISSOR TEST. Without
a blink, she takes his body between her strong thighs and squeezes him to submission. Delilah finishes him off by squeezing his neck making
Wimpy see stars. Well Wimpy....looks like you can't judge a book by it's cover, especially when she's wearing a bikini! Welcome to VT Delilah!
25 minute Tryout Video
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Delilah returns fully recovered from implant surgery. Following doctor's orders, she couldn't try a few lifts during her audition and she's ready to
show she can lift the webmaster like a pro! Lifts include: OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S, PIGGY BACK, CRADLE, BACK-TO-BACK, LEG PRESS
and DONKEY CALF RAISES (with the webmaster on her back!) Delilah's confidence shines when she proves she can do a SHOULDER RIDE.
Despite his wiggling around from fear, she shows she can easily carry all 180 pounds of the webmaster on her shoulder's! She leaves him
speechless and in awe of her true strength. Watch this video to see how Delilah proves she is the Lift & Carry Queen!
NEW! - Delilah's Lift & Carry Video
Delilah's ready to take wimpy on in an armwrestling match. Her sexy outfit makes him immediately lose focus but he tries to put her down just
the same. Delilah enjoys toying with him and wimpy will do anything to put her down including cheating by using two hands! They go righty and
lefty but it wasn't wimpy's lucky day. His entire hand against her two fingers still can't put her down and he's left feeling more humiliated than
ever! Webmaster, Delilah knows it's over. Maybe next time you'll put her down. Delilah's not only sexy but she's strong too! Her solid biceps don't
budge as wimpy fails to pull them down. He admits he doesn't have a chance and admires her strength. Trying to get a win, he plays a game of
MERCY with her while she's wearing very sexy high heels. Includes POV scenes showing you exactly why wimpy lost all his strength leaving
Delilah ending up doing well deserved victorious posing while wimpy is simply left exhausted
NEW! - Delilah's Armwrestling Video
12 min 37 sec Lift & Carry Video
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11 minute Armwrestling Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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