Welcome to Desiree's Page!
Hi, I'm Desiree. I'm a national figure competitor and I love what I do. The
key to happiness is staying fit and eating right. I work out and keeping my
body fit and strong is the utmost priority for me. Once you look at me,
you'll see that a woman can build her muscles while keeping her feminine
physique. It's great to be on the site to showcase my strong biceps and
extremely fit physique and to show that a woman can really have it all.
NEW! - Desiree's Flexing and Armwrestling Video
w/Bicep Comparison and Pulldown
13 minute Flexing Armwrestling Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
The Wimpy Webmaster is on location at a National Fitness event. He's recruiting for the site and notices
Desiree, a national figure competitor. She's a beauty with a chiseled and muscular physique who also turns
out to be really strong. She's confident and ready to show wimpy she can take him on in an armwrestling
match. From the start, it's obvious his strength is no match to her strong and muscular biceps. They go
righty, lefty and there's no hope even after Wimpy resorts to using two hands. Desiree can't help but smile
and be amused as she shows off her strength. Desiree puts Wimpy out of his misery as she puts him down.
Watch this video to see that Desiree has it all....beauty, muscle, and strength!!
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