Welcome to Diana's Page!
Hi fans, I'm Diana and I'm strong for real!! I'm proud that I won the
Women's arm wrestling championship. My strength drew the
attention of the webmaster recruiting new models at a fitness expo.  
Being strong and fit has always been such a natural part of my life
so being a model on the site is the perfect way to show that strong
women do exist! My hard work has paid off and looking forward to
making many new fans on the site.
NEW! -  Diana's Flexing and Armwrestling Video
(includes REAL match!)
The webmaster is shocked with Diana's strength at a fitness expo.   She impresses him and the crowd by winning the women's
arm wrestling title.  He's in awe to meet a true women's arm wrestling champion.  She's a true find in being beautiful and strong
and he needs to see for himself just how her strength compares to his. Diana is so sweet and goes along with the challenge. It's
obvious from the start that her biceps can overpower his in an instant. They go righty, lefty and she uses two fingers against his
entire hand but there's no way he can take her down. He attempts to pull her rock hard biceps down, but they don't budge at all
while she beams with confidence. Diana's strength is so impressive that he challenges her to a REAL match.  It's clear she's an
experienced arm wrestler and leaves the webmaster speechless with good reason!! Watch her and you'll surely be in awe of her
beauty, strength and award winning championship biceps!
8 min 50 sec Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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