Welcome to Defined Dorien's Page!
I'm Dorien and I started training when I first started college, which was
back in 1977.  I graduated high school as a chubby girl (in the 70's 5'2",
116lbs was considered almost obese).  After a year of dangerous
dieting, I decided to join a gym, stop starving myself and get my body to
it's healthiest. I am an aerial dancer, an avid snowboarder (12 years,
never missed a winter), do Tai Chi, run, skip rope, love to dance (belly
dance, hip-hop, jazz, rave and burlesque).  And now at age 53, my new
hobby is showing off the body I worked my whole life to achieve.
NEW! - Dorien's Bicep Flexing Video 1
You wouldn't think from looking at Dorien's arm unflexed, that a Bicep that big and defined could pop out - but it does
as she flexes one of the most impressive biceps you'll ever see for a 53 year old woman.  She is very proud of her
biceps as she does lots of close-up flexing and popping.  Equally as impressive is the rest of her body which she
shows off at the end of the video.  We hope this is the first of many more from this fit and  beautiful woman!
9 min 16 sec Flexing Video
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