Welcome to Dove's Page!
Hi fans, I'm Dove. I'm a fun outgoing person. I eat healthy and clean and keep
my body in top condition. I've been working out and building my muscle for
the past three years. You wouldn't know it just by looking at me but I've got a
nice set of biceps under my petite frame. I love shocking people when I flex
because they never expect me to have so much muscle. Goes to show that if
you work hard at building your body and love doing it, you can achieve
anything you set your mind to.
The webmaster runs into a petite booth beauty at an expo. All it takes is a flex of her biceps and he knows
she's perfect for the site. Her smile draws you in and her unexpected biceps leaves you speechless. Dove
flexes her biceps that have an amazing pop! She also shows her impressive physique for all her new fans
to admire. Not only is she a true beauty with terrific biceps but after she sails through the BICEP
PULLDOWN test, she then proves more of her strength as she arm wrestles the webmaster. They go
RIGHTY, LEFTY, TWO-HANDED vs her one hand, all while his she smiles and flexes her biceps while
putting him down like a feather! She ends the video with a little more amazing flexing of her popping
biceps. Watch this video and you'll certainly be impressed with this gorgeous woman's muscle, physique
and strength!
NEW! - Dove's Flex & Armwrestle Video
w/Arm Wrestling, Bicep Pulldown, Mercy and Flexing & Posing!  
12 minute  Video
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