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Emma knows her cleavage is irresistible. She sees that you are staring
at her and invites you to get close enough so that she can take you in.
She surprises you with her strength as she sweeps you off your feet
and lifts you to get a good look. Oh my, now you’re speechless and
putty in her strong arms as you fantasize about all you want to do. She
loves that you’re drooling, staring from the most perfect view. Up high
as she lifts you, is very exhilarating to the point you just can’t wait
until she counts down as you release all the built up tension and feel
the most amazing relief you’ve ever experienced.
Hi, I’m Emma Shay. I’m proud of my curvy and sexy body and
just love my feminine physique. I say if you’ve got it, show it
off!! Of course, I compose myself in a very proper manner and
can be conservative when needed and also more laid back
when the fun starts. I love to make friends and I’m very
outgoing. I had a great time making my videos and I can’t wait
to do more. Enjoy and see you all again soon.
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Emma Shay's POV Lift and Carry Package
ONE Girl, TWO Personalities, TWO Videos!
Uh oh....she caught you staring at her feminine physique
and you’re in big trouble!! You take your punishment like a
real man and end up in her strong arms. She dominates you
with her strength as you tremble not knowing what will
come next. She teases you over and over as she lifts you
up and down with a view of her chest as you just can’t look
away. You asked for it and now you’re getting it. Weak, bad
boys get punished for staring at a hot, strong and
voluptuous woman but it’s a lesson you’ll never learn.
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Emma the Rewarder!
Emma the Punisher!
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Emma’s excited for her tryout and it all begins with a little behind the scenes which includes a practice lift, feats of strength rehearsals
and more. They assess her leg strength with a REAL head-SCISSOR where she surprisingly squeezes his head with great strength.
She’s ready to go and begins to distract the webmaster with her cleavage. He’s speechless!!
She flexes and keeps her biceps up and proudly during bicep pull-down and mercy.
She’s all warmed up and excited for ARM-WRESTLING where her true strength comes out by using her “distraction technique”. Her
cleavage makes the webmaster lose all focus and he doesn’t stand a chance. Emma gets so excited; SHE CHALLENGES the WEBMASTER
to a REAL match!! (You’ll have to watch the video to see what happened).
Emma tries to give Wimpy a better advantage by changing into a “less distracting” top but everything she wears is overly distracting.
Here comes the grand-finale. She’s gorgeous with a most feminine physique, but her strongest strength comes from her amazingly strong
legs. She proves this, as she finishes him off by wrapping her strong, muscular legs around is neck in the most impressive SCISSOR!!
He asked for it and now he got it!! He wakes up from dreamland to her boasting in glory with him getting the most perfect view of her
towering over his limp body.
NEW! - Emma Shay's Tryout Video
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