Welcome to Elite Erica's Page!
Hi. I'm Erica, I'm a Personal Trainer and a Health and Wellness Coach.  At first I
didn't know what to think when I was approached to be on VideoTeasing, but
after reviewing the site I realized how cool it would be to show the world how
sexy just the right amount of muscle can be on a cute little sweedish girl.  I love
when people say that I am the perfect combination of muscularity and femininity
as that is what I strive to be. I also love to show off to the people who
under-estimate me just how strong I actually am (although I did feel a little bad so
easily beating the Webmaster of the site in all his strength challenges!)
While expecting to interview another girl at Starbucks for the site, the Webmaster meets an extremely fit and sexy sweedish girl named
Erica who he offers a VT Tryout to.  Erica agrees, and shows up a couple of weeks later even more fit and sexier than before!  The
webmaster, in awe of her muscles and beauty, becomes even more in awe of how much stronger than him she turns out to be. Shocked that
he is unable to pull her flexed bicep down, he challenges her to arm wrestle, which even though feeling a little bad for poor Wimpy, Erica
defeats him easily.  She then goes on to take hard punches to her sexy hard flat abs which she hardly feels.  Then to prove her leg strength,
Erica actually leg presses Wimpy a few times.  By the end, Erica is using her experience as a Personal Trainer to show the Wimpy
Webmaster how she trains her clients with a very sexy exercise (shot as an incredible POV scene that has to be seen to be believed!!)
Erica's Tryout Video
(Interview, Bicep Pulldown and Mercy squeeze challenge, Abs Punching, Armwrestling, Leg Pressing, Dumbell Curling and more!)
26 minute Tryout Video
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Filmed before her Tryout video, Erica has a bit of fun recording herself as she
flexes her biceps and shows off her abs in preparation for her big VT
audition.  She knows, that looking the way she does, impressing the
Webmaster should not be much of a problem.
Erica's Mirror Flexing Video
7 min 45 sec Mirror Flexing Video
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Erica's Flexing / Interview Video in
Erica's Armwrestling Video w/Game of
in Hi-Res
Erica's Abs Video w/Punching
Erica's Park Flexing and Workout
in Hi-Res
Erica's Behind-the-Scenes Video
See the Webmaster prep Erica for her Tryout video in this
very special Behind-the-Scenes video!
Erica shows us the sexy exercises she does to keep her Abs looking
the way they do.  She also show how she can take punches and
kicks to her Abs without even flinching.  In fact, by the end of the
video, it was the poor Webmaster that looked like he needed some
medical help from all his exertion.
Watch as we follow Erica enjoying herself on a beautiful day in
the park.  She does a few exercises on the health and nature
trail before stopping to show off her gorgeous physique by doing
a little sexy flexing and posing for us
The Webmaster has a casual chat with Erica as he guides
her through some very sexy flexing and posing as she shows
off her amazing Swedish Bombshell physique.  Lots of Biceps
along with some Abs, Legs and Back muscles (all in Hi-Res).
Erica, although very strong, is also a very sweet girl who would rather not
humiliate the Wimpy Webmaster.  She even lets him win the first time, but
when Wimpy gets a little arrogant, Erica has no other choice but to show
him who is actually stronger (even 2 hand cheating doesn't even help poor
Wimpy).  To make the humiliation complete, Erica also takes the Wimpy
Webmaster down in a Game of Fingerlock Mercy!
5 minute Behind-the-Scenes Video
10 minute Abs Video
10 minute Armwrestling Video
10 minute Flexing/Interview Video
6 min 40 sec Park Flexing Video
Erica's Video Package 1
Get all 5 videos below for $29.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Erica's Video Package 1
Get all 5 videos above for $29.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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