Welcome to Estri's Page!
Owner of 305Protein!
Hi, I'm Estri. I'm really into fitness and healthy eating and love showing
that working out and being strong can be very empowering to any
person who wants to live life to the fullest!! I am the proud owner of
305Protein and hope one day to get everyone onboard to eating right
without going on all those fad diets that never seem to work. I am super
thrilled to be working with the webmaster and his team and to show that
women all over the world should be proud and confident to show off
their muscle and strength and to never doubt yourself because as long
as you take care of your body, it will take care of you!
NEW! - Estri's Tryout Video
The webmaster meets up with the beautiful and fit Estri that he met at the NPC show in Miami
where she wowed the judges and won first place in the bikini division. Gorgeous and ready to
show she's got what it takes to be on the site she takes the webmaster's  breath away during her
tryout. She proves she can surpass him in any test including: a DUMBBELL CURLING CONTEST,
passing by in the gym! She flexes and poses her amazing physique in victory! As a special bonus
scene, Estri shows all the fans her secret to keeping healthy, fit and strong with her "305 protein"
powder recipe that even the webmaster - Mr. Junk food himself, liked! (surely it is delicious as she
prepares it while wearing a sexy bikini top which helped convince him that her protein bars are
better than any fast food he's ever eaten). Welcome Estri to VideoTeasing and looking forward to
seeing more videos on the site and learning more about your protein bar recipes.
29 min 34 sec Video (1.16GB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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