Welcome to Eva's Page!
Hi, I'm Eva. Fitness is my passion and I'm very excited to be training to be a
figure competitor. I've competed in bikini contests but I wanted to challenge
myself to show off more muscle definition. Unlike a lot of the ladies, I actually
want to build my muscle and make it bigger. Be sure to keep checking back on
my progress. The webmaster was exhausted challenging me now but just wait
until I completely over power him as my muscles get stronger than ever. Great
to meet all my fans and hoping you'll enjoy my videos as much as I enjoyed
showing off my strength.
NEW! - Eva's Flex and Armwrestle Video
w/Arm Wrestling, Bicep Pulldown, Mercy and Flexing & Posing!
The webmaster discovers fitness competitor Eva at an expo. Her inviting smile and incredible physique will immediately draw you in!! She's
confident, beautiful and strong. She poses and flexes like a pro. She's ready to move up from bikini competitions, building her body and muscle to
compete in her first figure contest in a few months. She certainly proves she's got what it takes to be on VideoTeasing.  After a little humiliation
during the BICEP COMPARISON, the webmaster challenges her to ARM WRESTLE.  They go righty, lefty and no matter how hard he tries and how
much he cheats, she keeps flexing her amazing biceps while he goes down in shame! As a last resort to prove he's stronger than her, he takes
her on in a GAME OF MERCY but his plan fails leaving him more humiliated than ever when she takes him down while wearing her high heels!  At
the end of the video, Eva bets the Wimpy Webmaster and challenges him to Arm Wrestle using only two fingers. He laughs at the idea but not for
long after he quickly realizes never to doubt a female fitness competitor's strength as she wins the match. Go ahead Eva, flex and pose for you
new fans. Your biceps and strength earned the victory!!  
15 min 48 sec Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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