Welcome to Goddess Faith Shalynn's Page!
Goddess Faith Shalynn made an appearance at a modeling convention with the webmaster
and did an awesome tryout / audition video. The fans couldnít get enough of her and now,
she gets the chance to give the fans what they really want in their newest and quickly
becoming favorite model on the site. She immediately draws you in as she tells all about
herself. She proves that her skills also include true strength as she goes head to head with
the webmaster in a few REAL challenges including: ARMWRESTLING and LIFT AND CARRY.
She also then surprises him by sharing that her legs are super strong and that sheís
professionally trained in doing BODY HOLDS. She gives the webmaster a sample of her
training, using him to show her technique for different types of holds including: NECK CHOKE
and SCISSORS. To top off her amazing strength showcase, she adds a little fun and extra
humiliation by beating the webmaster in TUG-O-WAR and MERCY.
The Wimpy Webmaster catches up with a young beauty named Goddess Faith Shalynn in the
lobby of a hotel at a modeling convention after seeing her lifting and carrying a small man.  
Curious, Wimpy asks if she can lift and carry him and also take the VideoTeasing strength
tryout.  She agrees and they head to the gym where Goddess Faith shocks Wimpy by showing
him just how strong she is.  Piggyback, Back to Back, Cradle, Over the Shoulder, Firemans
Carry, and Side Straddle are done with ease and a smile.  After proving her Lift and Carry
abilities on the much bigger and heavier webmaster, they move on to arm wrestling where Faith
totally dominates Wimpy while toying with him.  He can cheat all he wants but it wont do him any
good.  The last test (and the most devastating for Wimpy) is the scissorhold test where
Goddess Faith shows how easily she could knock a man out if she wanted.  Thankfully for
Wimpy she only uses a fraction of her strength which is enough to get Wimpy frantically
tapping!  Totally exhausted and drained Wimpy gives Faith the good news that she made the
site.  She celebrates with a few victory flexes!
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Faith's Muscle and Strength Tryout
Iím a  model/actress  of all content, including muscle and strength
worship. Iím a young Actress with a lot of life experience. Iím strong
with a specialty in scissor holds,  in which Iím professionally trained.
You may try to imitate what you see but remember to never  try to
perform them with someone who doesnít know what theyíre doing or
you may seriously get hurt. In other words, only do them with me!!     
26 min 38 sec  (854MB) mp4 format
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NEW! - Faith's Interview and More Video
w/Lifts, Armwresting Tug-O-War, Mercy, Scissor and Choke Holds!
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