Welcome to IFBB Pro Fallon's Page!
Hi guys, I'm Fallon. I'm a Pro bodybuilder and just love muscle!! I couldn't
wait to prove myself and join my friend CJ, along with the other strong
models on the site. I've worked hard each day to build my physique and
each bicep flex gives me super energy all while being sure to always have a
fun and positive attitude. Hopefully I can be an inspiration to women along
with the fans admiring me for my physique and strength.
Fallon's Mini Tryout Video
11 min 43 sec Video (432MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Fallon, a friend of CJ the Crusher, and an IFBB Pro, drops by during the Tryouts in Atlanta. She was
super excited to meet the webmaster and wanted a shot to show off her muscle and strength. She's got
a great, fun attitude and awesome muscle from head to toe!! Watch as she proves that her bodybuilding
physique matches her bodybuilding strength. Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN/STRAIGHTEN OUT,
MERCY, ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty, his TWO-Hands against her ONE-Hand). She surprises him
with her endless energy and strength when she LIFTS him several ways including: OVER THE
SHOULDER, PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, CRADLE and a DEADLIFT bonus that will leave you as
breathless as it did the Webmaster !! What's most incredible is that this is Fallon in her off-season shape
- we can only imagine what she will look like before her next competition!
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