Welcome to Fantastic Farrah's Page!
Hi, my name is Farrah. I'm was born in the Dominican Republic. I'm feminine
with a touch of solidly built toughness. I take good care of my body and work
out as often as I can. I couldn't wait to show the webmaster my strength. I'd say
my biggest strength is Lifting & Carrying. Some girls are very muscular on the
outside and weak on the inside but I'm proof that a girl doesn't have to have
bulging muscles to overpower a man.
NEW! - Farrah's Lift Carry and Armwrestle Video
(w/Lift & Carry, Armwrestling (Fantasy and Real), Mercy, Bicep Pulldown, Flexing)
The Webmaster's meets Farrah. She's ready to prove that she's strong and deserving of being on the site. The Webmaster's first
impression of Farrah isn't too positive and he doesn't have much confidence that she can lift and carry him. Farrah quickly proves
him wrong. She sweeps the Wimpy Webmaster off his feet during the Lift & Carry tests! She picks him up with ease showing she
can do lifts including: CRADLE, OVER THE SHOULDER, BACK-TO-BACK, FIREMAN'S and PIGGY BACK. Farrah is full of energy after
passing the lift tests (which can't be said for the Webmaster). She's ready to show more of her strength. After the Webmaster takes
a nap, Farrah proves her BICEPS are strong enough to put Wimpy's doubts to rest about her strength. She shocks him during the
ARMWRESTLING  test by putting him down right handed, left handed and only using two fingers!!  Note: This video concludes with  a
100% REAL ArmWrestling contest which is usually only reserved for the strongest of girls.  Farrah shows she is, the real deal!!
18 min 28 sec Video
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