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Goddess Faith Shalynn
Mya Pleasures
Rachel Adams
Alexis Luna
The Wimpy Webmaster groggily awakens in the gym from a previous shoot he had with AlexisLuna, only to
find world famous session wrestler Tomiko working out!  After a brief conversation, Tomiko agrees to meet
Wimpy back later in the day to take the VideoTeasing tryout.  Tomiko has great biceps, shapely legs, and an
irresistible and seductive smile which she uses throughout the shoot to her advantage.  To make it even
more humiliating for Wimpy, Tomiko takes her Tryout in a short skirt and heels looking more like a sexy
secretary! After flexing her biceps while toying with Wimpy in Armwrestling, they move on to abs punching
and then the scissorhold test where she actually makes Wimpy use the safe word that they agreed he would
use if he was in real trouble!  Lift and Carries come next which turns out to be a piece of cake even though
the Webmaster is much taller and heavier (Cradle, Piggyback, Back to Back, and Fireman's).  Totally
exhausted, Wimpy realizes the only thing he could do now is simply worship Tomiko as she flexes (with a
smile on her face) her victorious muscles!
The Wimpy Webmaster was hearing from everyone all weekend how he has to shoot with a British
Powerlifter, Bodybuilder, and Wrestling Session Girl named Alexis Luna.  This really wasn't much of a Tryout
for Alexis as she totally overpowered him throughout the shoot using her thick muscular physique.  After
Wimpy was totally destroyed and humiliated in Armwrestling, they moved on to what was Alexis' most
impressive feat of strength - LIFTS AND CARRIES IN HIGH HEELS! - Yes, Piggyback, Cradle, Over the
Shoulder, Fireman's, and even a deadlift ALL in HEELS!  Tomiko (another hot wrestling session girl made a
cameo appearance in this video as she looked on in amusement during the shoot). The end for Wimpy came
when Alexis decided to show Wimpy what 26 inch quads could do to Wimpy's neck for real with one of the
most devastating scissorholds he ever experienced.  She even gave him a little extra squeeze even after
he tapped out for real leaving him barely conscious.  Poor baby!
The Wimpy Webmaster strikes gold again when he finds the beautiful Rachel Adams (a
hugely popular fetish model) in the gym at the hotel he's staying at for a modeling
convention.  As luck would have it, she's doing dumbbell curls in her high heels and
agrees to take Wimpy's tryout tests to see if she could be a VideoTeasing model.  Wimpy
already knows she has a gorgeous face and fit physique (especially her stunningly sexy
legs) but is she strong enough to beat him in arm wrestling, lift and carry him, and scissor
him with those legs into submission?  The answer is YES, YES, and YES!  Congratulations
Rachel for being the ultimate combination of femininity and strength!
It's the Wimpy Webmaster's lucky day when he sees a very buff woman named Marina at a
trade show. Once he sees Marina flex her bicep, Wimpy knows she could be
VideoTeasing material.  She agrees to go to the gym and take a little mini-tryout where
she shows Wimpy up in dumbbell curling and pushups, but the highlight is how easily
she toys with him in Armwrestling even with Wimpy's cheating. Then there's the Bicep
Pulldown test - not only can't Wimpy pull down Marina's Massive Muscle, she actually
uses her bicep to help pull Wimpy up off the floor!  Congratulations Marina! You passed
your tryout and you deserve to do that Victory Pose!
Wimpy's trained eye for spotting concealed biceps strikes again!  This time its gorgeous
Fetcon model Mya Pleasures he notices after her red carpet appearance.  Mya is more than
happy to confirm his suspicions and show off off her spectacular biceps.  Flexing and popping
her biceps, Mya even catches the eye of another VideoTeasing model - Cleo!  Even Cleo has
to stop to touch and worship Mya's bicep while Mya is also very impressed with Cleo's
Cleavage!  But to be sure Mya is VideoTeasing material, he still has to give her a Bicep
Pull-down and Armwrestling test.  It turns out Mya's biceps are not just for show as she easily
takes Wimpy down a few times while having a little fun with him!  Congratulations to Mya and
congrats to Wimpy for finding such an amazing muscle beauty!
The Wimpy Webmaster catches up with a young beauty named Goddess Faith Shalynn in the lobby of a hotel
at a modeling convention after seeing her lifting and carrying a small man.  Curious, Wimpy asks if she can
lift and carry him and also take the VideoTeasing strength tryout.  She agrees and they head to the gym
where Goddess Faith shocks Wimpy by showing him just how strong she is.  Piggyback, Back to Back, Cradle,
Over the Shoulder, Firemans Carry, and Side Straddle are done with ease and a smile.  After proving her Lift
and Carry abilities on the much bigger and heavier webmaster, they move on to arm wrestling where Faith
totally dominates Wimpy while toying with him.  He can cheat all he wants but it wont do him any good.  The
last test (and the most devastating for Wimpy) is the scissorhold test where Goddess Faith shows how easily
she could knock a man out if she wanted.  Thankfully for Wimpy she only uses a fraction of her strength
which is enough to get Wimpy frantically tapping!  Totally exhausted and drained Wimpy gives Faith the good
news that she made the site.  She celebrates with a few victory flexes!
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