Welcome to the FitBeast's page!
Hello guys, I'm known as the FitBeast but I'm body and beauty and certainly
no beast!! I'm a Bodybuilder who takes working out and keeping in peak
condition as a top priority. After dealing with food issues, I became inspired
by other female bodybuilders to get healthy and found the right trainer who
literally saved my life and have been in the best condition of my life ever
since then. I've been keeping positive and looking forward to competing
again around the globe and to also meet and do videos in person with the
Webmaster as soon as it's possible.  
NEW - FitBeast's Flexing and Interview Video
21 minute Video  (307MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
As soon as you see and meet her, you'll immediately discover why she's called the "FitBeast". No doubt
about it....she earned her title!! She's an amazing Bodybuilder with a very attractive, feminine look and a
physique that will blow your mind!! She's excited to chat with the webmaster and to introduce herself to all
the fans. Watch as she proudly flexes her amazing, rock- hard muscular biceps which surely speak for
themselves along with the rest of her awesome muscle, including her tough quads and calves and ripped
Abs which all truly steal the show!! The Webmaster surely lucked out when he did an interview with her
and after you watch this amazing video you'll realize just how lucky the fans are too in being able to get to
know this awesome woman who brings muscle, strength, beauty and positivity as one of the newest
models on the site. Sit back, relax and enjoy the jaw-dropping show!!
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