Welcome to Queen GiaLove's Page!
Hi guys, Iím Queen GiaLove, AKA ďThe Regal RearĒ. After you
watch my videos, youíll see why I was gifted this powerful
name by those who know me from the industry.
Fans worship me as their goddess but Iím very down to earth
and love everyone.
Iím most known for my strong and shapely glutes but Iím
strong from head to toe.
My strength got fired up after during my tryout and my passion
to be in control (in a gentle way) was ignited!!
GiaLove's Tryout Video with BTS Scissor
25 min 3 sec Tryout Video (920MB) mp4 format
5 min 45 sec BTS Video (199MB) mp4 format
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The Webmaster arranges a tryout with the famous Queen GiaLove whom he met at an alternative modeling
convention. Her voluptuous physique and awesome attitude peaked his interest and he gave her an invitation to
prove sheís worthy to be on his site...thatís if...she can pass the tryout. Sheís ready to get to it and they jump right in to
ARMWRESTLING. The hardest thing for the webmaster to control are his gazing eyes drawn to her ďdistractionsĒ
weakening him down to his knees!! He gives it all heís got but nothing budges her strong biceps. He just canít believe
that the beautiful and strong GiaLove is acing her tryout. He has plenty more tests for her including: ABS PUNCHING,
BICEP PULLDOWN (in her heels), and MERCY. She sails through those like a champ leaving the Webmaster
exhausted!! The big tests come next including: LIFT and CARRY (Piggy-Back, Back-To-Back, Over-The-Shoulder,
Firemanís, Cradle and Deadlift!!)  Somehow, she ends up with more energy after this as she tosses him around like a
feather!! Heís exhausted and lands between her thighs for the SCISSOR-HOLD test. Her thigh strength is the grand
finale and seals the deal on her passing her tests with flying colors. Before he knows it, heís within her super, strong
grip leading him to dreamland and seeing stars. Needless to say, sheís at the top of the class and earns herself a place
on the site with great pride!! Welcome GiaLove...your beauty, physique, strength and confidence are amazing!!   
Queen GiaLove BEHIND-the-Scenes (with emphasis on the BEHIND!)
Before she begins her  audition, Queen GiaLove and the Webmaster  run through the Scissor tests to gauge
if he can handle her powerful quad strength for REAL and to determine if they will need to use a safe word so
she knows to let up if he canít take the pressure around his neck. Doesnít take long before itís obvious her
strength, even at a minimum is just too much for him to handle and what heís about to both pleasantly and
painfully experience during her tryout.   A REAL REVERSE SCISSORHOLD is also included in this video!
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See our post shoot wrap-up with Gia Love on our LoyalFans!
Worship this amazing and beautiful Goddess Queen up close for an experience of a lifetime!!
Youíve been dreaming of this day and itís finally here. Go ahead, fall into her arms and feel her
strength as she lifts you up in the air. Let go...sheís got you. Simply enjoy the fantastic view!
No one else can ever know what it feels like as you quiver in fear and then feel ecstasy and
excitement, all at the same time!!  
7 minute POV Lift Video (277MB) mp4 format
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
NEW! - GiaLove's POV Lift Video
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