Welcome to the page of Gina Energy!
Hi I'm Gina, I'm sexy, strong, muscular and I love nothing more
than to throw little boys around and see their reaction when I
dominate them with my power.  My boyfriend Sebastian loves to
be tossed around and then be made to worship his physically
stronger girlfriend.  Can't wait to do more videos for
VideoTeasing as I think I am the perfect girl for this site!
Gina's Tryout Video
Flexing, Armwrestling, Abs Punching, Mercy, Bicep Pull-down,
Lift and Carries, Scissoring, and lots more!
The webmaster cant believe his eyes when he see a muscular, energetic, and VERY HOT Girl named Gina
lifting and carrying her boyfriend in the park.  He approaches her and she agrees to do a Tryout for
VideoTeasing.  It started with the Lift and Carries which she did with so much ease and enthusiasm (both
with her boyfriend Sebastian and the wimpy webmaster).  Almost every type of lift you could think of - she
even took punches to her abs while she was shoulder riding Sebastian!  She then totally destroyed Wimpy
(and her boyfriend)  in Armwrestling before showing off that her real power is in her legs as she knocked
out her  boyfriend with a scissor squeeze that would have made any man submit.  Not only is this woman
incredibly sexy but you could tell she really takes pride in showing off her power!
33 minute Tryout Video
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--Free Bonus--
Gina's Flexing Video
See Gina Flex and Pose as she
proudly shows off her hardbodied
muscular physique!
3 min 30 sec Flexing Video
FREE! (with purchase of Gina's
Tryout Video)
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Gina's 2 on 1 Armwrestling Fantasy Video
12 min 11 sec Armwrestling Video
Link to video will be IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
The Wimpy Webmaster invites Gina back to ARMWRESTLE and this time he is determined
to win even if it means teaming up with Gina's boyfriend Sebastian to beat this sexy
powerhouse.  Watch as Gina takes on both Wimpy AND Sebastian AT THE SAME TIME in an
incredible exhibition of strength which winds up in ultimate humiliation for these two men.  
She even defeats both of them at the same time in a GAME OF MERCY too!
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