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Hi, I'm Gloria. I love to workout and lifting weights and building my biceps is
my passion. As a young girl, my friends called me an ox because I used to
beat up the boys. Little did I know that being a tom boy would allow me the
confidence to be a strong confident woman. Women should never shy away
from the gym or be afraid to have muscles. We're here to stay boys, weather
you like it or not, so watch out because here we come
13 min 23 sec Armwrestling/Flexing Video
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The Wimpy Webmaster discovers Gloria, a woman with monster biceps, the winner of a plank strength contest competing
against the men at a fitness sports expo. The webmaster should of been well aware of her strength just by looking at her huge
biceps, but non the less, he challenges her to ARMWRESTLE him. It's obvious that Gloria can crush the webmaster like a bug,
as she's certainly stronger than him but she's a great sport and goes along with the webmaster challenge requests. The
Webmaster quickly realizes that he's way in over his head as soon as they begin to armwrestle. Her biceps put him down
without much effort and even her offering to only use two of her fingers against his entire hand, doesn't help the poor, wimpy
webmaster. Gloria smiles and loves the well earned attention her biceps bring. She warned the webmaster that she used to
beat up the boys in school, but he just wouldn't listen. The webmaster challenges Gloria to other feats including: BICEP
PULLDOWN challenge and GAME OF MERCY but at the end, the webmaster admits his defeat. Gloria proudly flexes her large
and muscular biceps proving that if a man challenges a  women with strong biceps, he may be in for more than he asked for.
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