Welcome to the Page of Gracie Glutes!
Hi, I知 Gracie. I知 so excited to meet you. I would say that I知 a unique girl.
Besides being a Triathlete, I don稚 do things the conventional way. An example
of that is the way I stay in shape. I致e found that I can use ordinary items
around my house to keep my biceps, abs, calves and especially my glutes in
top condition. You値l see me flex my glutes in my videos, have you ever met
anyone else who can do that?  Being a swimmer has kept me in great shape
and I知 looking forward to showing you why I知 a beauty in the street and a
beast in the gym.
Gracie's Audition/Flexing Video
12 min 43 sec Audition/Flexing  Video (Webcam Quality)
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Gracie introduces herself to VideoTeasing. She has fun showing off her biceps, abs and especially her glutes,
which she is able to flex!!! Gracie shows how strong she is by remaining in a pushup position for a few minutes
straight, she also does pull-ups. Gracie shows how she uses common items from around her house to keep her
biceps strong. In this video she uses plumbing pipes for her workout routine..She痴 strong, creative and cute!!!
This is Gracie痴 first video and she plans on doing many more!!! In future videos she plans on lifting & carrying
her boyfriend and leg pressing him. Watch her first video and you値l be looking forward to more!!!
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Gracie's Lift and Carry Video 1
(Gracie Lifts and Carries her Boyfriend!)
Gracie is proud to show her off her super lifting abilities!! Gracie makes lifting her boyfriend seem incredibly easy. First she puts him on her back
and does DONKEY CALF RAISES which really show off her perfectly shaped calf muscles. She CRADLE carries him while easily doing squats.
wShe LEG PRESSES him but in a way you致e never seen on VT before.She does a reverse leg press!!! She amazingly does this by pressing her
boyfriend (in the reverse position) all while she uses only one leg!! Her boyfriend gets a direct view of Gracie痴 glutes when she lifts him straight
up. Gracie continues to show off her amazing strength by DEAD LIFTING her boyfriend!! (a first EVER on VT!!) Gracie PIGGY BACKS her boyfriend
around the kitchen as though he痴 not even on her back!! She wants to make sure you池e 100% convinced that her legs are super strong. She
shows off her ability to do a variation of LEG PRESSES including: hands-free (which puts her boyfriend痴 entire weight on her legs), and a ONE
LEGGED press!! Having fun and wanting to do more, she BACK TO BACK lifts her boyfriend while doing squats as he holds on for dear life!!  Gracie
then uses her legs to support her boyfriend in a chair position allowing her boyfriend to sit on her feet she also has her boyfriend stand on her as
she smiles!!  Gracie痴 not done yet.she wants to work out her arms and FIREMAN carries her boyfriend with great ease. After all her feats of
strengths, her boyfriend finally admits that Gracie is strong!! Gracie ends the video with a glute flex!! What a way to end the show.
16 min 22 sec Lift and Carry Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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Gracie's Lift and Carry Video 2
(Gracie Lifts and Carries her Girlfriend/Roommate!)
Gracie introduces her girlfriend, Lana. Together, they show off their strength by
lifting and carrying each other. Gracie gives Lana a shoulder ride. They also
show off by doing other feats of strength which Include an over the shoulder lift
and a leg press by Gracie.  Both girls show off their core strength by doing pull-
ups. It痴 all play and no work for these two fit and strong girls.  Gracie has fun
squatting with her friend on her back. To show off even more, Gracie does calf
raises..she does them while Lana is on her back.  Gracie does her famous
glute flex which adds to the fun!!  You値l enjoy watching as Gracie and Lana have
a good time showing you how fit they are.
12 min 21 sec Lift and Carry Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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Gracie's Abs Punching Video
Gracie's Abs come to life!! Gracie explains that her amazing abs "aren't grown
overnight". She demonstrates how she keeps her Abs in peak and perfect
condition with a workout that includes crunches, situps, and handstands!.  
Watch as her boyfriend then punches her in her abs as she laughs at him...she
can barely feel it. Gracie asks for more punches.....she likes it and says it feels
good. She makes her boyfriend admit that her abs really are strong. Go ahead,
you know you want to feel how rock solid her abs are but be warned, she'll
humiliate you too. Gracie is very fit and in great shape.  Join her in her workout
and maybe you'll be as strong as her one day.
13 minute Abs Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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NEW! - Gracie's Lift and Carry Video 3
(Gracie uses her Boyfriend as a Human Weight!)
Gracie's back doing more Lifts & Carries with her boyfriend. This video
includes very impressive lifts as Gracie is out to show her boyfriend that he
underestimated her strength. She discovered she loves Lifting & Carrying him
as part of her workout. Lifts include: SHOULDER RIDE while doing squats,
CRADLE,  unusual balance LEG PRESS lifts,  & PIGGY BACK. Gracie helps her
Biceps grow by ARM-PRESSING her boyfriend, lifting him OVER HER SHOULDER
(he's not complaining as he's got the best view of her glutes!!)  Gracie can't get
enough as she's having fun and just wants to build her biceps, watch as she
DEAD LIFTS her boyfriend with ease!! Don't miss out on this amazing video.
14 min 46 sec Lift and Carry Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
NEW! - Gracie's Workout Video
It痴 time to join Gracie during her exercise routine. Gracie loves a challenge
and it shows. She pushes herself more and more as she痴 super confident
she can handle a tough workout. Gracie wants to show you how hard she
works at keeping her body in peak condition. She痴 proud of how much her
BICEPS have grown since her first video. She shows off her Quads while doing
some glute flexing for you. Gracie痴 ABS are looking great and real tight.
Watch as she gives them a good punch. Wow!! Don稚 miss out on this Video.
You値l get to see how Gracie grows her Biceps, keeps her Abs tight and her
Quads in the best condition ever!!
13 min 21 sec Workout Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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