Welcome to Hardbody Harley's Page!
Hi, I'm Harley and I love when people underestimate me.  Seeing the stupid
expressions on their faces after they see what I can do is just freakin priceless!  I
love being in control and proving that women can do anything! Once you see my
biceps, quads, calves, and abs, you'll see that I've got the perfect physique. I'm a
personal chef and I believe eating right and working out are the most important
things you can do to take care of your body. I'm looking forward to impressing all
my fans and for giving them a taste of my strength!!
Harely's submits her audition video to the webmaster. Her spunky confident attitue along with her amazing biceps & cut physique earn her a
tryout at VT headquarters. She's serious about proving she's strong but also shows her fun sexy side as she insists on wearing her high heels.
From the start, she shows that her biceps are truly ready to handle the armwrestling  test. She passes righty, lefty and two fingered against
Wimpy's entire hand. Wimpy clearly sees that there's no way he'll ever put her down and attempts to gain his dignity by beating her in his own
games of MERCY and BICEP PULLDOWN . Harley is amused and laughs as her bicep strength brings the exhausted Wimpy to his knees. Feeling
a bit humiliated he's certain Harley can't handle the Abs Punching test but her abs prove to be hard as a rock and the only one injured was poor
old wimpy. After he recovers, the next part of the tryout is the LIFT & CARRY tests. Harley gets into her sexy Lift & Carry bikini which leaves the
Webmaster speechless. Although she looks great he's afraid Harley isn't able to lift him, so he asks Harley to lift her girlfriend instead. She
immediately impresses by lifting her girlfriend like a feather! PIGGYBACK, BACK-TO-BACK, CRADLE, DONKEY CALF RAISES and an all-impressive
SHOULDER RIDE! After her jaw-dropping girlfriend lift feat, Harley's ready to lift Wimpy! She immediately shows she's tough and lifts him with
ease.  Lifts include: PIGGY BACK, BACK TO BACK, OVER THE SHOULDER, LEG PRESS, CRADLE and LEG PRESS. The webmaster wants to end the
tryout but he finds Harley putting on her scissor hold-sexy high heels! She insists on doing the scissor hold portion of her tryout even though
the webmaster won't allow it! She gets a bit heated and decides to take matters (more specifically Wimpy's body and head) into her own hands
(or should we say legs!) Her quads trap him and he struggles to get free. He's soon forgets the power of her quads and foolishly requests to
have her squeeze at 100 percent which sends the webmaster to nighty night land! He wakes in a fog to find Harley towering over him proud and
confident that she passed all the tests and made the site! Welcome Harley to VideoTeasing!!
40 minute Tryout Video
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Harley's Tryout Video
(w/Lift & Carry-G/G & B/G, Armwrestling, Mercy, Bicep Flexing, Leg Flexing, Bicep Pulldown, Abs
Punching, Scissorholds, and more!)
12 min 40 sec Lift and Carry Video
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Harley's Lift and Carry Video
NOTE:  This video is the same as the Lift and Carry portion of Harley's Tryout Video
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As part of her VideoTeasing Tryout, Harley shows how strong she is by easily lifting her girlfriend in a variety of ways.while in
a tiny sexy bikini. (over the shoulder, shoulder ride, piggyback, back to back piggyback, cradle).  After easily lift and carrying
her girlfriend, Harley decides to take on the the 180 pound Webmaster. Although a bit scared, the Wimpy Webmaster agrees
to have this freakishly strong woman lift and carry him as part of her VideoTeasing Tryout. Lifts include over the shoulder,
cradle, piggyback, leg press. Definitely one of the strongest girls you'll ever see!
11 min 38 sec Lift and Carry Video
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Harley's Fun with Friends Lift and Carry Video
Harley and her girlfriend Jo have fun showing their strength by lifting and carrying each other.  Not only
do the girls prove that they are strong enough to lift one another, they then have a contest to see who
can lift their guy friend Mike, easier!  Some of the impressive lifts include: Shoulder Ride, Piggy Back,
Cradle, Back-To-Back, and Over The Shoulder.
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NEW! - Jemma's Lift & Carry with Harley Video
Jemma and Hardbody Harley immediately show what a great team they are during
this video. Both girls show their strength and fun attitude as they take turns lifting and
carrying each other.  Each girl is so unique in her own way but together they make a
great pair! Jemma, a blonde with curves any woman would be jealous of and Harley,
a brunette with biceps, quads, and calves to die for! They show off their impressive
strength with lifts including: PIGGY BACK, BACK TO BACK, CRADLE, OVER THE
SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S, SIDE STRADDLE and a LEG PRESS in which Harley uses no
hands to hold on!! Just when we thought things couldn't get better, Harley impresses
by lifting Jemma in a SHOULDER RIDE lift! Both girls impress by doing DONKEY CALF
RAISES while piggy backing each other. This lift is gives a unique point of view of
Harley's bulging cut calf muscles and also Jemma's curvy chest! Watch this video
and you'll see how the girls had a great time showing off their strength!
23 min 18 sec video
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After a quick and fun game of MERCY, Jemma and Hardbody Harley test out their leg
strength in this video. The girls know they're strong but they put their power to the test
by seeing who has the more powerful squeeze! Jemma head scissors Harley and taps
out as she reaches 80 percent of her strength. When Harley head scissors Jemma, she
taps out as she reaches 75 percent of her strength. Both girls admit to seeing what the
webmaster goes through every time a strong girl scissors him. He's curious to see just
how much he can take with each girl taking her turn head scissoring him and it doesn't
take long for his face to turn beet red as he taps out!! Jemma and Harley show that they
have strong legs and the best boobies & biceps team around!  
NEW! - Jemma's Scissor with Harley Video
8 min 14 sec video
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