Welcome to Hayla's Page!
Hi, I'm Hayla. I'm a competitive weightlifter with a background in
gymnastics and cheerleading. I've been athletic all my life and
always love using my energy in fun and healthy ways. The body
feature I am proudest of are my quads and you'll know why when
you see them bulge out when I do my lifts and acissorholds! I I'm so
excited to join my friend Lilac on the site and to keep wowing the
fans and impressing them with my videos and showing off my
strength, level of fitness and of course, my fun side too!!
Hayla's Tryout with Bonus Videos
Tryout - 23 min 16 sec video (906MB)
Flexing - 3 min 15 sec video (127MB)
BTS - 5 min 39 sec video (220MB)
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Lovely Lilac introduces us to her best friend Hayla and she's as pretty and fit as Lilac described her to be. They came dressed to
impress with their sexy high heels and outfits that show off their great physique. Lilac impressed the Webmaster during her
tryout the first time we met her and now it's Hayla's turn to do the same. She's sexy from the start and her tryout will prove if
she's strong also, making her the next  VideoTeasing model!! Tests include: BICEP PULLDOWN & MERCY (in her heels),
ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty, his TWO hands against her ONE hand and giving him an advantage of using her TWO fingers
against his entire hand!!) and ABS PUNCHING, all of which she sails through with the greatest of ease!! She truly shines like a
LEG PRESS and a jaw dropping DEAD MAN'S LIFT!! Her last test, the SCISSOR HOLD, officially proves she's truly strong from head
to toe. She squeezes his body and neck with her monster quads, ignoring his taps per his instructions and over confident
attitude and takes the air right out of him. Hayla's strength clearly earns her a pass as she celebrates making the site.
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Now an official model, Hayla gives her new fans a FLEXING and
POSING treat!! She celebrates by giving the fans a great show that
highlights her muscle and beauty and is joined by her best friend Lilac
who is another awesome, fun and fit model on the site. Watch as she
moves her BICEPS that flex to impress with each pump!! Her fun side
comes out as she shows off her fitness and talent by doing a
handstand while walking on her hands while doing splits!! Wow!! She's
amazing in all ways and we're so glad to have her on the site
Hayla and the Webmaster run through and practice what will go on
during her tryout to truly test what she can do. They test her
SCISSORING, determining the maximum she should squeeze him in
real life!! Not much prep needed as Hayla is confident and ready to
make her introductory video and ready to shows all she's got
during her tryout!
Behind the Scenes Bonus!
Flexing/Posing Bonus!
NEW! - Lilac and Hayla's Lift and Carry Video
12 min 49 sec Video (511MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Hayla and Lilac give the fans a true treat by showing off more of their strength. Lilac's monster quads were made famous after
she made a watermelon erupt and now she joins her best friend Hayla (whose quads are even more monstrous!) who proved
her true strength by passing her tryout, impressing the webmaster and fans. They are back to show off more of their strength
by LIFTING and CARRYING each other, full of energy. Includes: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, CRADLE,
and LEG PRESS. They both take turns and CRADLE carry the Webmaster, passing him off to each other like a feather!! As a
grand finale, both DEAD LIFT one another with tremendous strength and great ease!! After watching this amazing lift and carry
video, you'll certainly have no doubt about how these best friends earned the name "strength sisters". Enjoy!!
NEW! - Lilac and Hayla's Flex Scissor Armwrestle Video
10 min 45 sec Video (435MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Hot, strong girls, Hayla and Lilac have fun FLEXING and POSING, admiring each other's muscle and showing off
their amazingly hard and fit physiques (including their BICEPS, QUADS and ABS, which can truly take a punch!!)
They compare their strength for REAL by going up against one another several ways including: SCISSORING
(squeezing each other with their strong quads to see the maximum pressure they can give and can take) and
ARMWRESTLING, each where they are both prove they are equally both incredibly strong!!
Watch this awesome video and you'll quickly see why these two best friends are quickly becoming fan
favorites, truly showing off all they've got and impressing us more and more!!
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