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HeatherRae's Interview and Audition Video
Wow!!! She’s Heather Rae and simply amazing!! Her confidence matches her super fit and toned physique from head to
toe!! She submits her 5 minute audition video which rightfully so, is one of the best on the site. Her body commands
your attention from the moment you lay eyes on her. Her muscle is in perfect condition. Watch as she flexes and poses
in her bikini with great pride. Hard to say which is our favorite pose as each is as great as the next!!  She then chats
with the webmaster and he immediately breaks the news that without a doubt, she passed and will be on the site. He
compliments her and hits the nail on the head by describing her as the perfect combination of femininity and
muscularity. She talks about her experience being a pro-bikini competitor while also sharing where the fans can find a
little more of her “adult” footage. He’s a bit tongue tied after a quick BICEP COMPARISON and gives Heather Rae the
floor to show off more of her jaw-dropping body with BICEP FLEXING, PEC FLEXING (a definite fan favorite!), FLEXING
gives a little sample of her strength when she SCISSORS a pillow and luckily not the Webmaster’s head. She gets
excited talking about Lift and Carry and how much she loves beating guys in Arm-Wrestling and how she lets them
think they’re winning at-first but then her competitive side takes over and she puts them down! She takes us out with a
bit more BICEP FLEXING and KISSING, leaving us all thirsty for more!!
22 min 20 sec Video (245MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Hi, I’m a Petite Powerhouse with confidence for miles. I love showing
off and intimidating guys at the gym, leaving them speechless, all in
good fun. I also love shocking people out in public and getting
complimented by men and women which really boosts my ego. I surely
get a lot of attention which I certainly enjoy and there are a few
occasions where some people reach out and touch my muscle but
most do ask first, LOL!! I know I’m a great fit for this site and will quickly
show why I will land in one of the fan-favorite spots.
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