Welcome to Heidi Heartbreaker's Page!
Hi, I'm Heidi. I work out, love to dance, and eat very healthy which
keeps me in top physical shape. I'm glad the webmaster
discovered me as the site is a great way to show off my outgoing
personality, physique and strength. I hope I didn't intimidate him
too much with my biceps but I wanted to prove to him that I'm
indeed, a perfect fit for the site. I'm looking forward to making many
fans and wowing them as much as I did the webmaster.
Heidi's Bikini Flexing and Armwrestling
w/Bicep Measuring!
20 minute Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Heidi's tryout was such a hit that she's invited back to do another fantastic video! Watch and see more of her
amazing beauty, physique and strength.  After pumping up her biceps with a  little dumbbell curling, she treats us
all as she flexes and poses in a sexy bikini and heels showing off her perfect physique and then takes the
webmaster on in Arm Wrestling and handles him like a pro as Wimpy goes down in another humiliating defeat to
this bikini beauty! You'll be reminded why Heidi is one of our top models after watching her video.
Heidi's Tryout Video
(includes Armwrestling, Flexing, Lifts and Carries, Abs Punching, Apple Crushing, Bicep Strength Games and more!)
36 min 38 sec Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
The Webmaster discovers a beautiful and charming woman named Heidi at a local grocery store, with a perfect physique and
jaw-dropping abs and  biceps that are just unbelievable. Not only is she in top shape, but her warm and friendly personality truly make her
the entire package. Heidi gives him a little preview of her biceps flexing and sure enough, she's invited to do a full tryout shoot.
Heidi shows up ready and excited to prove to the webmaster that she's strong and able to pass all his tests. She immediately takes
charge during the ARM WRESTLING test including: righty, lefty and Wimpy cheating with 2 hands!! Heidi sails through the other strength
tests including: BICEP PULLDOWN, GAME OF MERCY, and ARM-TO-ARM TUG OF WAR as she shows her pumped biceps are rock solid!  
Heidi handles the LIFT & CARRY tests like a pro as she impressively  lifts the webmaster including: LEG PRESS, PIGGY BACK,
BACK-TO-BACK, CRADLE, OVER-THE-SHOULDER AND FIREMAN'S. Heidi's physique is truly impressive which she continues to demonstrate
during the ABS test which are obviously made of steel!! As if she hasn't impressed enough, she CRUSHES an APPLE with her BARE HAND
and then getting a bit carried away, does the same with the webmaster's neck going a bit too far leaving him disoriented as she
celebrates making the site. Heidi shows she's more than qualified to be on the site and will be for sure, one of our all-stars!!
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Get a behind the scenes look as the webmaster gives Heidi a few tests to see what she can handle prior to her videoteasing
tryout. Includes REAL: ARMWRESTLING ABS PUNCHING, LIFT & CARRIES, DUMBELL CURLING, and Heidi showing off her
amazing flexibility and level of fitness as she shows off her ability to do many different types of HANDSTANDS. Heidi is excited
for her tryout and excited to show the fans she's fit, strong and ready to go!!
Heidi's Behind The Scenes Video in Hi Res
w/30 second  True Hi-Def Flexing Bonus!
13 min 47 sec BTS Video
30 second Hi-Def Bonus
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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