Welcome to HellRaiser Helena's Page!
Hi, I'm Helena. It's so cool to be on the site! Growing up, I was a bit of a troublemaker
but I think that's the reason why I'm confident and able to handle any man who
doubts my strength. I was so happy to prove to the webmaster that I am more than
just a tall pair of legs. I had so much fun during my tryout. Lifting the webmaster and
scissoring him was the highlight of my day!! I'm looking forward to impressing all my
fans with my strength & physique. You'll be asking me to make more videos as soon
as my tryout video wets your appetite.
Helena approaches the webmaster. She saw him doing a shoot with another model and she was confident she was strong enough to be on
his site. The webmaster wasn't convinced at first, but he decided to give her a chance. She quickly impresses him by showing she can lift
and carry him. (PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO BACK, CRADLE). Once the Webmaster catches his breath, he invites her to do an official tryout. As
soon as Helena arrives at VT headquarters, she shocks him with her sexy dress and high heels which shows off her attractive fit physique.
She's ready to impress!! She handles the Armwrestling like a pro...the poor webmaster was overpowered by her strong biceps. Helena
smiled throughout the game of MERCY & BICEP PULLDOWN challenge. After the Webmaster recovers, he puts her through a scissoring
challenge. Helena warns him that he has no idea what he's getting himself into, but he doesn't heed her warning. The poor webmaster gets
stuck between her legs which are super strong!  The Webmaster learns his lesson the hard way as soon as she puts his head in a scissor
hold. He taps but she just ignores him. She's in control and she likes it!! Watch the webmaster beg and plead to be released from her grip.
Helena's Tryout Video
25 min 29 sec Tryout Video
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Helena's Scissor the Burglar Video
5 min 13 sec Scissorhold Video
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Helena 's relaxing day is interrupted by a burglar. She quickly takes control of the situation and uses her long and
luscious legs to scissor his head and neck with extreme force!! Helena humiliates him by taking pictures to send to her
friends as she pins him in a reverse scissor hold. No one was more relieved when the police arrive than the burglar
was...any punishment was more lenient than being pinned between Helena's powerful legs.
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Helena's Lift and Text Video
4 min 10 sec Lift and Carry Video
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Helena is very into her Texting, so much so that she doesn't even realize she has a
175 pound man on her back. She even takes a call from her Mom while
Piggybacking the Wimpy Webmaster.
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Helena's Behind the Scenes Scissorhold Video
5 minute Scissorhold Video
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Can the Webmaster take Helena's Hardest Scissor Squeeze for REAL? Find out in
this very special Behind the Scenes video and see what happened before the
cameras started rolling for Helena's Tryout
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NEW! - Helena's Strength Re-Certification Video
20 min 37 sec Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
The webmaster finds Hellraiser Helena at the gym. Who else but one of VT models would work out in sexy high heels? She's gorgeous as ever with
a physique that is certainly impressive. It's time for her recertification testing and she's certainly up for the challenge. Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN,
MERCY and ARM WRESTLING (Righty, Lefty) where he struggles as her strength gets the best of him. Her confidence is high as she proudly shows
off her strength leaving him to admire and kiss her incredible biceps. She shows her ABS are amazingly tough and can take any punch thrown her
way as she laughs at his efforts. She shows her legs are stronger than ever as she LEG PRESSES him like a feather! After a bit of doubt that he can
handle her powerful leg force, he challenges her to a scissor hold test. After not heeding her warning, she quickly reminds him just how strong she
is as he begs and pleads for her to ease up but she simply laughs with pleasure ignoring his taps as her powerful thighs squeeze his body and neck
and takes his breath away! After passing her tests and still full of energy, Helena celebrates as she PIGGY BACKS the webmaster in victory!! Watch
this amazing video to see that Helena's  strength is as great as ever and certainly belongs here on VideoTeasing!!
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