Welcome to Housemom Hillary's Page!
Hi my name is Hillary and I am an everyday normal housemom with a bit
of a flirtatious side, so what better way to show this off than on
VideoTeasing.com.  I have certain "assets" that men just can't seem to
take their eyes off of and the webmaster was no exception.  I think I
proved to him that a woman doesn't have to have bulging muscles to
beat a guy in armwrestling - she just has to create a little "distraction" -
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Hillary seemed like a very sweet, nice, and conservative young housemom when the Webmaster showed
up at her door to check her out for the site.  At first he thought this was going to be a waste of his time but
what he didn't expect was the "Tease" that she turned out to be when she changed into a jaw-dropping
top to armwrestle the stunned webmaster.  Using her cleavage to distract, Hillary really enjoyed teasing
the speechless webmaster while putting his arm down over and over again.  Some great POV shots where
the viewer gets to see what the webmaster was forced to look at during the matches!