Welcome to Hulk Hulda's Page!
Hi, I'm Hulda from Honduras and  I enjoy travelling around
the world showing off my muscles to the muscle worship
community (those are my favorite people!).  I met the
Wimpy Webmaster at a recent convention and totally blew
his mind when I flexed for him! To top it off, I couldn't
believe he actually thought he could beat me in arm
wrestling!  Hope you guys like my video enough so
Wimpy invites me back to show off even more of my
muscle and strength for you guys!
NEW - Hulda's Mini-Tryout
WImpy hit the jackpot again when he met Hulda at a recent convention!  All he had to say was that he was looking for a
girl with muscle to get Hulda beaming with excitement.  She was very eager to show off her insanely developed biceps
that would drive any man (or woman as we found out later in the shoot) crazy!  After showing off some of her most
muscular poses, Wimpy wanted to test her strength for real in the bicep-pull-down test, the game of mercy, and
armwrestling.  Needless to say Wimpy was defeated in humiliating fashion with Hulda smiling and enjoying herself the
whole time.  At the end they move to a quieter spot at the convention where she flexed some more and then shocked
the 180 pound Webmaster with a Fireman's carry that she did with the greatest of ease  Congratulations Hulda, you are
the perfect combination of Muscles, Strength, Beauty, and Personality - and one Amazing VideoTeasing Model!
15 min 9 sec Video (553MB) mp4 format
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