Welcome to Mistress Ice's Page!
The Webmaster found me while I was working a booth at a unique trade show.
At first I thought it was a bit strange that he wanted to Arm Wrestle me, but I
was glad I took him up on his challenge. Iíve made a living humiliating guys, so
this is certainly up my alley. Iíve always been unusually strong with solid
muscles. If anyone wants to Arm Wrestle me, Iím up for the challenge.  
Ice's Armwrestling Video w/REAL Bonus
The Wimpy Webmaster meets Mistress Ice at a Trade Show. Heís not interested in what sheís selling but heís certainly
interested in knowing how strong she is. He challenges her to a an Arm Wrestling contest and she gladly takes him on.
Sheís wearing a sexy corset  which Wimpy feels puts her at a disadvantage, but little does he realize that her strong
biceps are much more powerful than he can ever imagine. She quickly shocks the Webmaster by proving that she's
sexy and strong!  Not even cheating can help the poor Webmaster. Trying to regain his dignity, the Webmaster
challenges Mistress Ice to another arm wrestling match but before they begin, he insists on putting her through a
BICEP-PULLDOWN test. Mistress Ice is full of endurance and very strong and drains the Webmaster of all his energy.  
Mistress Ice's big boss man finds out what she's been up to while on the job. He makes fun of Wimpy and chuckles at
the idea of a girl beating a man in arm wrestling but quickly ends up swallowing  his pride as she defeats him also.
Included: 100% REAL ARMWRESTLING MATCH BONUS!! The Webmaster is curious just how strong Mistress Ice is for
REAL!! . The Match draws the attention of an audience and it certainly will draw your attention too!!
18 minute Armwrestling Video
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12 min 27 sec Lift and Carry Video
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NEW! - Lexi, JenC, and Ice's Lift Carry Video
The Webmaster runs into Jen Capone and Luscious Lexi along with newly found Mistress Ice at a trade show. Jen Capone looks
better than ever and Lexi is proud to show off her new ďassetsĒ. The three girls have a blast lifting and carrying each other while
showing off their strength and sexy appearance. The girls take turns lifting Wimpy until he begs to be put down!  Wimpy may have
had enough but the girls had a lot more energy to burn. They were having so much fun admiring each otherís figure while doing lifts
including piggy back and cradle with some playful spanking mixed in. Watch as the girls participate in a pose off for the best flex.
Donít miss out on this sexy VT muscle girl reunion as there wonít be another one until next year!!
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