Welcome to Intense Indrell's Page!
Hi guys, Bodybuilding is a passion of mine. I work out and lift weights
day and night. I never expected the Webmaster to approach me after I
won the curling contest at a fitness show but I'm glad he did. I'm strong
and proud of my physique. I love being a role model for all women with a
passion to build their bodies and self-esteem. A woman can do anything
she puts her mind to, and I'm proof of that.
9 minute Armwrestling/Flexing Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Indrell, a female bodybuilder, put on an impressive feat in the ladies bicep curling event at a fitness expo,  pulling the guys
weight and putting the men to shame. When word of this got to the Webmaster, he had to see it for himself. He was
immediately impressed along with all her fans watching in the crowd.  Indrell  was interested in being a model on the site. The
Webmaster wanted to make sure she was strong for real by putting her through a few tests including: BICEP PULLDOWN
CHALLENGE in which she wiped the floor clean with him. Next the ARMWRESTLING challenge wore poor little wimpy out!
Indrell's huge and strong biceps were no match to Wimpy's little arms (of which Indrell chuckles at). Wimpy tries two hands
but not even cheating helps him. Indrell's having fun but poor Wimpy is suffering. Not only is Wimpy's arm hurting but his ego
is hurting as well. Wimpy admits defeat and Indrell does a victory pose highlighting her incredible biceps.  
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