Welcome to Irene Silver's Page!
Hi, I’m Irene Silver. I’m an extremely strong Fitness/Fetish
model. I’m also a  boxing trainer and do martial arts.
I  use my my height of 5ft 10inch to my advantage to be a
specialist in Giantess sessions for those who love the
feeling of being with a tall and confident-take charge woman.
As the webmaster found out in my Tryout, I can easily lift and
carry a 180lb man like a feather, defeat men in arm wrestling,
and knock a guy out with my leg scissor squeeze before he
even knows what hit him!
Irene SIlver took the Wimpy Webmaster's breath away the minute she walked into the door for her tryout. She’s full of confidence and energy
and ready to go! They get down to business and ARM-WRESTLE. Her Biceps pop out and her cleavage distracts him. He can’t help but look each
time she teases and weakens him. She shows no mercy and he doesn’t stand a chance as she takes him down hard each and every way!!
She’s ready for more and shows off her amazing hard ABS by taking punches like a pro. Her biceps join in next and don’t budge during the
PULLDOWN and MERCY strength challenges. She shows that she not only looks tough but that she truly is strong by LIFTING the Webmaster
several ways including: OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN’S, BACK-TO-BACK PIGGY-BACK, CRADLE, HIP CARRY (her choice and a new VT lift), and
LEG-PRESS!! As if she hadn’t done enough, she’s excited for the SCISSOR challenge. Her personality changes to be a bit more controlling as
she squeezes the Webmaster’s head. He quickly realizes her strength is too much for him. His fear grows while she feels much excitement
being in control.  Soon enough, he succumbs to her strength. He wakes up to a view of her beautiful body straddled over his  weakened and
exhausterd body. No doubt, she passed her Tryout as she flexes and poses in victory.
(Includes post-shoot wrap up where she celebrates the great video and his recovery)

--- Bonus Video ---
Irene graces the stage and puts on an amazing show. The newly appointed VT model POSES AND FLEXES in her sexy heels. She’s proud and
invites all to join her as she reminds the Webmaster of the legs that crushed his body by doing it again. She’s smiling but he’s got fear written
all over his face. He taps out as fast as you can blink. Yes, she really does exist. She’s amazing!!
NEW! - Irene Silver's Tryout Video w/Bonus
23 min 31 sec Tryout Video (889MB) mp4 format
3 min 46 sec Bonus Video (142MB) mp4 format
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Picture from Bonus Video
Hear from Irene how she builds her muscle and fit physique. She looks great now and she’s got big plans to
get her body in peak shape!!
She reviews the best and favorite moves the fans just love to see!! Including: LIFTS (with greatest of ease) ,
SCISSORS (where SHE prepares the Webmaster for HER true strength), ARM-WRESTLING (where she shocks
him with her REAL strength in a 100% REAL Armwrestling match!), MERCY and more!! Don’t miss this folks, it
will wet your appetite of what you’re about to see during her tryout.  
NEW! - Irene Silver's Behind the Scenes Video
(w/100% REAL Armwresting Match and Scissorhold!)
11 min 41 sec Bonus Video (426MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
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