Welcome to Jumpin Jae's Page!
Hi, I'm Jae. I'm an athlete and bikini competitor. I love playing sports
and keeping fit. While at an expo, the webmaster challenged me to
strength tests and I quickly showed him that women can be strong
and fit without losing their femininity. It was cool working with him
and I can't wait to do more videos for all the fans.   
NEW! -  Jae's Lift, Flex, and Armwrestle Video
w/ Lift and Carry, ArmWrestling, Bicep Pulldown, and Mercy
An athletic bikini competitor named Jae has fun at an expo running an obstacle course which grabs the webmaster's attention. He's always
out looking for new fit and strong models and Jae certainly fits the bill. She's got a terrific athletic physique and her smile is warm
complimenting her fun and outgoing personality. She takes the webmaster up on his offer to show off her strength and without a doubt, she's
up for the test. She Lifts her best girl friend in several ways including: PIGGY BACK, STRAIGHT UP. The Webmaster is impressed watching her
strength, but for the fan's sake, he asks her to lift him ensuring she's strong enough to be on the site. She happily accepts his challenge and
proves she's strong for real lifting his 180 pound body BACK-TO-BACK. After being impressed with her lifting strength, he challenges her to
ArmWrestle which she surely is glad to show she can take him on. His arrogance quickly fades as she takes him down Righty, Lefty even while
Wimpy uses both hands. She gives him an advantage of  using two fingers against his entire hand but he just can't bring down her strong
biceps. As a last resort to prove men can't lose to women, he challenges her to GAME OF MERCY and BICEP PULLDOWN but quickly sees he's
no match to her strength. Watch this video to see how Jae easily took on the webmaster as she celebrates by flexing and posing for all the
fans. Includes: BEHIND THE SCENES-ARMWRESTLING & Lift and Carry.
15 min 40 sec Video
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