Welcome to Janely's Page!
Hi, I'm Janely. I'm a naturally athletic woman and give it all to get it all!
I work hard each day and love every minute of it. I'm proud of my physique
and most proud of my biceps and abs. I was really honored to be in a
video and be part of this website that shows women can have fun
showing off their strength without feeling shy about it. I can't wait to do
more videos. Hopefully the webmaster won't be afraid to do more videos
with me. I promise to take it easy on him...maybe, LOL!
Janely's Mini Tryout Video
Flexing and Arm Wrestling, Abs Punching, Bicep Pulldown & Comparison, and more!
Includes Bonus footage of Janely's push up & pull up power!!
The webmaster's newest recruiter and model, Chiqui finds Janely. She's got a great attitude and up to prove she's not
only fit, but strong too. The webmaster is shocked to see her amazing 8-PACK washboard ABS take a punch like a pro!
After a BICEP COMPARISON and BICEP PULLDOWN, He takes her on in ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty, Two Handed and
him using both hands). Janely shows off her bicep power and shreds his ego leaving him speechless and out of breath!
In her excitement, she quickly lifts the webmaster off his feet giving all the fans more to look forward to as she's earned
herself an invitation to do a full tryout at a future date. Janely flexes her amazing pumped biceps leaving everyone in awe
of her amazing physique. This video is a must see!!
Includes Bonus footage: Janely shows off her strength with her impressive push up and pull up power!
14 min 37 sec Mini Tryout Video
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13 min  48 sec Video
NEW! - Janely's Lift and Carry Video 1
As if Janely hasn't impressed us enough already, she's ready and eager show off more
of her amazing strength in her great LIFT AND CARRY video. She's full of energy as she
lifts the webmaster with ease, several ways including:  PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK
(while doing deep squats), OVER THE SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S (one of the best we've
seen on the site), CRADLE, DONKEY CALF RAISES (with the webmaster on her back)
and  LEG PRESS. As a grand finale, she does the most impressive lift!! She DEAD LIFTS
the webmaster's 185 pound body as though he was a feather and never loses her
smile!! She leaves the webmaster speechless....WOW!! Janely proves, without a doubt
she's got it all. Her strength is evident from head to toe as she shows the fans just how
strong she really is in this incredible Lift and Carry Video.
13 min 36 sec Video
NEW! - Janely's Abs Punching Video 1
Janely shows off her award winning 8-pack Abs in this great video. She shows how she gets
her Abs in peak condition with crunches and various sit ups and pushups (which the
webmaster tries but gives up as he just can't keep up with her) The Webmaster puts her
incredible Abs to the test to make sure they aren't just for show but can take a punch too!  
He punches her Abs over and over and she doesn't even flinch!! Her Abs turn red but nothing
will stop Janely from smiling as she proves her Abs are hard as a rock and can handle
anything beyond his fist including him hitting & throwing objects on them as she continues to
take it like a pro!  (Don't try this at home...this was performed by a trained Webmaster)  
8 min  35 sec Video
NEW! - Janely's HD Lift & Carry
Janely gives the fans an extra treat by doing all the VT Lifts in High Def. Lifts
FIREMAN'S, CRADLE, and last but certainly not least, DEAD MAN'S LIFT!! Janely,
rightfully so, flexes her amazing biceps proudly. She never ceases to amaze us!!
3 min  53 sec Video
NEW! - Janely's ArmWrestling, Mercy,
and Curling Contest Video
Janely impressed the webmaster and fans so much during her mini tryout that she was invited to
return and show off more of her amazing physique and strength which in fact, is simply jaw-dropping!!
She starts out by giving the webmaster a taste of what's to come as they COMPARE BICEPS and do
DUMBELL CURLS. (she's the only one who can lift the weights as he struggles to lift them off the floor)
As her biceps are warmed up, she's happy to show off more of her super strong biceps as she ARM
WRESTLES the webmaster.  (Righty and  Lefty) She even lets him cheat using his two hands against
only one of her hands, and feeling sorry for him she gives him the advantage of her two fingers
against his entire hand) but he still struggles in every way! Needing to get a win, he challenges her to a
GAME OF MERCY feeling it is "his hometown specialty." Not surprisingly, Janely crushes and bends
his wrists bringing him to his knees and putting his hurt ego in check and cementing the fact that she
is strong in every way!!
NEW! - Janely's HD Flexing Video
Janely's jaw-dropping biceps, abs and ultra impressive physique are highlighted in this
amazing FLEXING video. The beautiful scenery doesn't compare to her gorgeous
physique which you'll see as she poses and flexes her extra amazing muscle. Her biceps
are super impressive and you can almost reach out touch them!! Watch this video to see
how much Janely loves showing off for the fans as they admire her hard work of building
such an amazing fit body!!
4 min 40 sec Video
NEW! - Janely's Interview Video
Get to know Janely on a personal level and how she created and maintains her amazing
and fit physique. Janely loves keeping fit and shares how she loves all fitness challenges
such as the obstacle course, pull ups, push ups contest and best abs contest that she
won at the fitness expo. She's proud of her strength and ability to keep up with the guys at
the gym. She's certainly impressive in all ways with a great smile, awesome physique and
strength that's second to none.
6 min 10sec Video
NEW! - Janely's HD Real Armwrestling Video
Curiousity gets the better of the webmaster as he takes Janely on in a 100% REAL
ARMWRESTLING match.  You will not believe how quickly it is all over!! There is even a  first
ever REAL BICEP PULLDOWN test where the webmaster actually uses his full force but can
not budge Janely's arms!
3 min  13 sec Video
NEW! - Janely's Video Package 1
Get all 7 videos below for $29.95
NEW! - Janely's Video Package 1
Get all 7 videos above for $29.95
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