Welcome to Jasmine's Page!
Hi I'm Jasmine. I met the Webmaster and when he told me about his site, I
knew I wanted to be part of it. I work out every day and I eat right. I'm so glad
I was given a chance to show my news fans that I'm strong and sexy. Come
watch my videos and I'm sure you will agree!!
NEW! - Jasmine's Flex and Armwrestling Video
The Webmaster is at a bodybuilding/fitness show recruiting for his website. The Webmaster’s eye catches a young lady named
Jasmine who’s waiting for her bodybuilding friend. Jasmine ends up surprising the Webmaster along with herself after she does
a little bicep flexing. The Webmaster invites her to do a shoot and she just loves flexing her newly discovered Biceps. Watch
Jasmine Pop her Biceps…very impressive!! The Webmaster tests her strength by attempting a BICEP PULLDOWN but Jasmine’s
biceps won’t budge!! The Webmaster evaluates Jasmine’s ABS and sure enough, they’re hard as a rock. The Webmaster is very
impressed with Jasmine. As a rule, he must test her Bicep strength with an ARMWRESTLING challenge. He has no idea what he’s
gotten himself into. You’ll see how Jasmine’s Biceps handled the Webmaster….right and left handed, along with how she also
humiliated a stranger who was wrongly convinced that he was a much better challenge to Jasmine than Webmaster was.
16 min 48 sec Flex and Armwrestling Video
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