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Jazmine Cruz's Tryout Video
(ArmWrestling, Lift and Carries, Scissorholds, Games of Mercy, and more!)
She’s gorgeous with biceps and an incredible physique that simply equals HOT!! Jazmine Cruz is more than excited to
tryout for the site. She’s ready to show off and introduce herself to the fans by showing her beauty and muscle are equally
as impressive as her strength. After a little BICEP COMPARISON, she takes on the ARMWRESTLING test with the webmaster,
wearing her sexy outfit and heels. They go RIGHTY, LEFTY, and failed attempts of the webmaster cheating by using both his
hands!! She’s full of energy as her strength dominates in more tests including: MERCY, BICEP PULLDOWN , ABS PUNCHING
and PUSH-UP CHALLENGES.    Her boyfriend (and honorary cameraman) thinks a “real man” can squash her strength but it’s
quickly realized he’s wrong, as she takes him and his ego down with ARMWRESTLING match that’s sure to go in the record
books!!  She flexes and admires her awesome biceps while the guys recover. She ready and excited for the LIFT AND
only is she wearing the Webmaster out with her strength, she almost puts him over the edge by showing  her voluptuous
cleavage as she PEC FLEXES leaving the guys completely speechless! She’s new to the world of SCISSOR HOLDS and
eager to trap her first victim in her powerful and strong thighs. The Webmaster immediately feels her power around his
neck and has no choice but to tap out, leaving him dazed and confused. Thank you Webmaster for suffering for the fans
but it was well-worth it to allow Jazmine Cruz to prove she’s got more than what it takes to be one of the amazing models
on the site. Includes: BONUS BTS LIFT AND CARRY footage for all Jazmine’s fans to surely enjoy!!
29 min 39 sec Video (1.16GB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Hi, I’m Jazmine Cruz. I’m a model, dancer and trainer. I never knew my
muscle had so much power until I met the Webmaster and saw just how
much damage my Biceps, Legs and over-all strength could do!! I was so
energized after my tryout and really excited to get the chance to learn about
and give all the fans what they like to see. Even my boyfriend was shocked
by what he saw! I think he may even be a little afraid of me now! LOL!
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The Perfect Combination of Muscles, Beauty, and Strength!