Welcome to Jazzmon's Page!
Hi I'm Jazzmon and I was discovered for this site while I was shopping.  
Some man came up to me and paid me $5 to flex my biceps for him in
the Supermarket. He was shocked by what he saw!  I couldn't believe  
he was so into my muscle but real happy he was! I hope you guys all
like me!
NEW! - Jazzmon's Car Flex Introduction Video
11 minute Flexing Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
After initially meeting Jazzmon in the Supermaket and offering her $5 to flex her biceps, the webmaster
sees her again in the parking lot and offers her a lift home.  But in return the webmaster asks Jazzmon to
flex her incredibly peaked biceps in his car while he takes her home which she is more than happy to do.
Once in his car, the webmaster teaches Jazzmon how to pop and bounce her biceps for maximum effect.
This amazing and unique girl has an incredible pop to her biceps that is very rarely seen!
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