Welcome to Jen Capone's Page!
Hi, my name is Jen Capone and I've always been the hot  bully girl in
school who loved beating up the boys.  So it was only natural that I,
along with my friend Kitty, put this nerdy  wimp who was following us
around with a camera all night in his place by destroying him in arm
wrestling in front of everyone!
Jen Capone's Armwrestling Video
11 min 18 sec Video
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While recruiting at an alternative modeling convention cocktail party, the webmaster notices that 2 hot girls who he has been
following around all night notice and start making fun of him.  Trash talking words are exchanged and an armwrestling challenge
is issued.  Turns out that the girls (Jen Capone and her friend Kitty) both have the strength to back up their cocky attitudes!  After
Wimpy gets humiliated by both these girls in armwrestling, Jen Capone really shows off her strength by quickly lifting Kitty and
then lifting the webmaster proving that she has all the VideoTeasing qualities - SEXY, STRONG, and VERY CONFIDENT!
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12 min 27 sec Lift and Carry Video
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Lexi, JenC, and Ice's Lift Carry Video
The Webmaster runs into Jen Capone and Luscious Lexi along with newly found Mistress Ice at a trade show. Jen Capone looks
better than ever and Lexi is proud to show off her new ďassetsĒ. The three girls have a blast lifting and carrying each other while
showing off their strength and sexy appearance. The girls take turns lifting Wimpy until he begs to be put down!  Wimpy may have
had enough but the girls had a lot more energy to burn. They were having so much fun admiring each otherís figure while doing lifts
including piggy back and cradle with some playful spanking mixed in. Watch as the girls participate in a pose off for the best flex.
Donít miss out on this sexy VT muscle girl reunion as there wonít be another one until next year!!
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Jen Capone is cuter and sexier than ever in her sailor outfit which from
the looks of it isn't an officially licensed uniform . Her cleavage is the
main attraction and Wimpy is so distracted that she wipes him clean
during an arm wrestling match. Leave it to Jen Capone to know exactly
how to make the men melt like butter in her hands!! Watch this video
and you'll know exactly the two obstacles the webmaster had to
overcome along with her beauty, body and sassy personality.
Jen Capone's friend Sarah is as good as Jen promised in this video. Sarah gives a sample of her bicep
strength in a quick bicep PULLDOWN test and sure enough she's impressive from the start! She shows off
her full body strength doing lifts with Jen including: PIGGYBACK, and BACK-TO-BACK. The girls take turns
lifting each other with: OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S and CRADLE. Wimpy challenges Sarah to lift him
and she is more than ready to prove her strength. Lifts include: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK and STRAIGHT
UP. Wimpy feeling overconfident, tries to do a DOUBLE BICEP PULLDOWN and hangs on the girls biceps
which don't move!!  The girls flex and pose in victory while proving they are the ones with all the strength.
Jen Capone knows she's super attractive and sexy in her little school
girl outfit and takes advantage of her feminine attractiveness while
arm wrestling the webmaster. Her cleavage is so distracting that the
webmaster cannot focus no matter how hard he tries. Can you blame
him? You too won't be able to look away as you watch her flex and arm
wrestle in this great video.
4 min 33 sec ArmWrestling Video
5 min 51 sec ArmWrestling Video
Jen Capone's Sexy School Girl
ArmWrestling Video
Jen Capone and Sarah Lift and Carry Video
Jen Capone's Sexy Sailor
ArmWrestling Video
JenCapone Video Package 1
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JenCapone Video Package 1
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12 min 30 sec Lift Carry Video
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7 minute video
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Jen Capone's Strength Fun Video
The webmaster runs into one of VT's favorite models, Jen Capone. Full of energy and spunk she's happy to show she's still as strong as ever!
She lifts a random 150 pound guy from the crowd (BACK-TO-BACK, PIGGY BACK and OVER THE SHOULDER and handles it like a pro even
when TWO guys try to pull her biceps down at the same time! She lifts the 180 pound webmaster (BACK-TO-BACK) and certainly impresses
as always!! She also lifts each STRAIGHT UP with ease!! She shows more of her strength by not only beating each guy in armwrestling, but by
then taking BOTH down in armwrestling at the same time!! After her victory, she does an impressive lift where she quickly lifts the guy off the
ground while he's in a handstand position. Watch this amazing video to see how the beautiful and sexy Jen Capone proves once again, she's
got great strength and incredible confidence making her one of the most popular models on the site!
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8 minute video (314MB)
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NEW! - Jen Capone's Scissor Burglar, Tease Pizza Boy Video
SCENE 1: Jen is used to getting what she wants and uses this to her advantage. Out of money and hungry, she satisfies both their cravings by
allowing the pizza boy to stare and admire her sexy body in exchange for her pizza, each getting what they need!!
SCENE 2: Peaceful in her bed, Jen Capone is awoken by a brazen burglar who quickly realizes that his life of crime ended the moment he chose to
take her television. No handcuffs needed here...her strong thighs scissor him to submission teaching him a lesson he'll never forget.
SCENE 3: Jen Capone's REAL Leg Strength. Jen shows off her true leg strength and continues to impress!! Her strong legs squeeze a scale to an
impressive amount of pressure!! She then lets the Webmaster experience her strength with REAL HEAD SCISSOR, with a legitimate tap-out, leaving
him truly convinced her strength is the real deal!!  
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