Welcome to Goddess Jennyfer's Page!
Ciao, I'm Jennyfer with a Y (my name just like my body is one of a kind!), I'm an Italian
Amazon Goddess and dominant by nature. I love being worshiped. You can look and
if I grant you permission, you can touch. Women rule the world and men must obey
us. I treat my body like a temple. I'm very sexy and strong. Everywhere I go, men stare
at me and women envy me. I work hard to keep my body in top shape and I love
getting attention. I'm looking forward to making many new fans. The more popular I
become, the more I'll show it off.  
Jennyfer's Tryout Video
The webmaster meets Jennyfer for a tryout and is instantly mesmerized by her gorgous physique. She's so perfect in
fact, that he invites her to be on the site without a tryout! This has never happened before and speaks volumes about
Jennyfer's appearance. Jennyfer is proud to show off her physique and strength and she insists on doing the tryout. The
webmaster hopes he can get through it without fainting from her beauty and perfect 10 body. They start with the
ARMWRESTLING test and he cannot help but get distracted by her humongous chest. His body grows weaker by the
minute and he can't put her down with either hand! Jennyfer is so sexy that even using two fingers doesn't give him an
advantage! There are many POV shots in this video including during games of MERCY and BICEP MERCY  all while she
wears the sexiest bikini and high heels! After wiping the drool from his mouth, the tryout continues with the ABS
punching test where Jennyfer proudly shows her abs are rock solid! The tryout gets interrupted by Jennyfer's
handyman who she ends up lifting and carrying. Jenny fer shows she's strong for real as she lifts him: BACK-TO-BACK,
PIGGY BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, and a very impressive SHOULDER RIDE!!She easily lifts the webmaster including:
PIGGY BACKING and LEG PRESSING him and doing DONKEY CALF LIFTS with him on her back. The grand finale shows off
her leg strength as she locks and squeezes him  between her strong sexy legs and later wraps and squeeze them
around his head leaving him dazed and confused. Yes webmaster.....you ARE in heaven.
40 minute Tryout Video
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