Welcome to Jeri's Page!
Hi Fans, I'm Jeri and super excited to introduce myself to
you all. I'm outgoing and love making friends with anyone
looking to have some fun as much as I do. I keep fit by
staying active outdoors every day. Join me as I show off
my strength and I'm sure you'll be glad you did.
NEW! - Jeri's Mini-Tryout Video
16 min 37 sec Tryout Video
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Welcome back VideoTeasing...social distancing edition!! New Model Jeri honors the site, being
the first shoot since coming out of quarantine and quickly reminds us all what we've been
missing. In-Person Muscle, Beauty and Strength!!  Watch her in action as she exudes great
confidence showing off her fit physique!! Includes: Flexing, Posing, Dumbbell Curling,
Arm-Wrestling against and Lifting a passer-by (who was intrigued with Jeri's Strength and
Beauty) several ways with ease, and more!!