Welcome to Jess the Silver Fox's Page!
Hi I'm Jess the Silver Fox and I'm not sure you guys can handle a woman with my kind
of muscle - I know the webmaster wasn't able to!  I'm 5'8" 130 lbs of solid iron.  Guys
are always coming up to me and asking if they can touch my biceps.  It has gotten to a
point where I cant even work out without getting hounded, especially when they see
me curling 40 pound dumbells like its a can of soda!  Follow me here on VideoTeasing
and you'll see all my sexy muscles in action!
Jess's Tryout Video
(Curling Contest, Armwrestling, Bicep Pull-Down, Lift and Carries, Scissoring, Leg
Presses, Game of Mercy, Abs Punching, Bikini Flexing Bonus and more!!
The wimpy webmaster finds Jess, working out in the gym and is crazy enough to approach her and question whether her
muscles  are strong for real or just for show.  Jess took wimpy up on his challenge and what happened after was incredible.  
This woman turned out to be one of the strongest women wimpy has ever encountered (not to mention also one of the most
muscular).  Watch as Jess toys with Wimpy in armwrestling before letting him hang off of her flexed iron-like biceps (he
actually thought he could pull them down!).  The Lift and Carries were ridiculously easy for Jess (I guess when you can press
1000 pounds, a 175 pound wimp doesn't seem like all that much).  Watch as wimpy hurts his hand trying to punch Jess's
Abs of Steel.  Then wimpy moved on to test Jess's Leg Strength where it got a little scary for the poor webmaster when he
was trapped and passed out between Jess's massive quads.  This is a Tryout that has to be seen to be believed as it is not
often we get to see a legitimate female bodybuilder wipe the floor with our poor  webmaster!  Note:  There is also a 3 minute
outdoor bikini flexing bonus at the end of this video where Jess shows off her incredibly muscular and sexy physique!
34 min 41 sec Tryout Video
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Jess's Armwrestling Video 1 (Part Fantasy Part REAL!)
w/Bicep Inspection and Arm comparisons
Whether you're a fan of fantasy armwrestling with a female bodybuidler or a Real match between a man and a
woman with massive muscle and strength, there is something for everyone in this video.  Watch as Jess uses her
bulging muscles to humiliate the webmaster in armwrestling even giving him special handicaps including Jess using
2 fingers against the webmaster's 2 arms.  Watch in amazement as the Webmaster and Jess compare arms side by
side both flexed and unflexed. Not believing the size of Jess's biceps, the webmaster had to give them a professional
inspection  (actually it was just an excuse for wimpy to grope her muscle!).  The crazy thing was that even with wimpy
squeezing with both hands, he wasn't even able to make a dent in her rock-hard peaked bicep!  NOTE:  The last 3 and
a half minutes of this video is 100% REAL armwrestling - needless to say the matches weren't too long!
15 minute Armwrestling Video
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Jess's Lift and Carry Video 1
Wimpy finds Jess at the gym.  Little does he know that lifting him is only a
warm-up to her actual workout. Watch Jess lift him all while having fun.
Included are: Back To Back, Piggyback, Fireman Carry, and Cradle Carry.  Jess
lifts Wimpy on her shoulders but poor wimpy is afraid and begs to be put down.
If given the opportunity, Jess could easily carry anyone on her shoulders. Jess
also shows off her calves. (anyone with her calf muscles would be proud to
show them off). She shows Wimpy how strong she is by easily doing calf raises
with him on her back. As if she hadn't shown Wimpy just how amazingly strong
she is, she allows Wimpy to lay on her back while she does push-ups.
Wimpy is amazed with her strength and the ease in which she can lift and carry
him. You'll be amazed too!!
19 min 45 sec Lift and Carry Video
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Watch Jess as she enjoys posing and showing off her incredible
muscles and physique!! Wimpy is speechless as she shows him just
how fit and cut her muscles actually are!! To make matters worse for
Wimpy, Jess wears a very distracting bikini and heels as she is so
proud to show off her muscles.  Wimpy attempts to pull down Jess's
Biceps but her biceps of steel are no match for Wimpy. Jess locks her
biceps with Wimpy's in a Bicep Mercy Challenge but poor Wimpy soon
realizes Jess's Biceps are incredibly powerful! Wimpy is so impressed
with Jess's biceps that he measures them. Watch to see if he officially
certifies her Biceps as being the real deal!!
19 minute Bikini and Biceps Video
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Bikini and Biceps Video
(w/Bicep Measuring, Bicep Inspection, Bicep Mercy Squeeze,
BIcep Flexing, Bicep Pull Down, Bicep Kissing, and more!)
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Jess's Gym Strength Challenge Video
Jess shows wimpy  the equipment in her gym but it's no ordinary tour. Jess's mind boggling muscle and strength is on full
display. She takes wimpy to each station and shows him how she lifts weights like a feather while wimpy is left exhausted
and in awe of her superior strength. They do a workout challenge that shows off Jess's amazing muscles including her
biceps (which bulge and grow, leaving wimpy shocked), strong legs, toned hamstrings, and powerful thighs.
25 min 18 sec Gym Strength Video
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Jess's Abs Video 1
10 min 43 sec Abs Video
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Wimpy admires Jess's amazing abs. Jess does different exercises to show how
she keeps her abs in peak condition. Wimpy puts Jess's abs to the test with abs
PUNCHING and although her abs turn red, Wimpy's hand feels the brunt of her
rock hard abs.  Watch as her solid abs can handle anything including a WOODEN
STICK!!. Jess is rightfully proud to show off while doing abs posing and flexing.
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Jess's Don't Doubt My Strength Video
Video opens up with Jess in the mirror getting ready for the shoot and the Wimpy Webmaster just staring at her muscular physique in awe (10
weeks out from a competition).  Wimpy then asks Jess to squeeze a scale between her legs but he is not impressed with Jessís scale
squeezing abilities. She then teaches him a lesson in doubting her strength!! Jess uses her powerful legs and puts the Webmaster in a strong
body and head squeeze. Still catching his breath, the Webmaster challenges Jess to an Arm-Wresting competition but before they ARM-
WRESTLE, he finds himself attempting to do a BICEP PULLDOWN in which Jess becomes, his human pull-up bar. Poor Wimpy, even using two
hands doesnít give him an advantage over Jessís powerful biceps!!  Wimpy tells Jess that although she proved that she is a bicep beast, he
feels she may have lost some of her lifting abilities and he challenges her to lift & carry him. Jess is sure she can take on the challenge,
especially since sheís been training for a muscle competition. Wimpy soon finds out that sheís stronger than ever!! Jess shows off how
strong her quads are as she is able to do deep seated SQUATS while lifting Wimpy and then later on CRADLING him.  Other very impressive
Lifts include: FIREMANíS CARRY, PIGGYBACK, BACK-TO-BACK, LEG PRESS.  As if she hasnít amazed you enough, she also shows off her cut
and extraordinary calf muscles, while doing DONKEY CALF RAISES with Wimpy on her back!!  Wimpy opens himself up to more exhaustion by
challenging Jess to a, first ever, air-ARMWRESTLING contest which only leaves Wimpy exhausted and breathless. As a last resort to gain his
pride, Wimpy challenges Jess to a game of MERCY. Hopefully Wimpy learned his lesson and wonít ever doubt Jessís strength again.
24 min 27 sec  Video
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Jess's 2 on 1 Strength Domination Video
Newlywed Jess is in peak shape and prepping for an upcoming bodybuilding contest. Her Biceps are huge and her overall
muscle definition leaves the Webmaster speechless!! Meet the lucky man,Tom (a body builder) who quickly finds out that one
of his husband duties is to be tossed around by Jess. The men are curious to see if Jess can beat them in an Armwrestling
contest. Of course, Jess easily handles Wimpy but much to their surprise, she takes Tom on like a pro. Both try taking her on
but she proves she can handle them both at the same time. Wimpy and Tom attempt to do a BICEP PULLDOWN together but
Jess is tough as nails. Jess is having fun and decides to LIFT & CARRY Tom, she even tosses him as if he were a feather!! She
does other lifts also (FIREMAN"S, PIGGY BACK, CRADLE) She doesn't want the Webmaster to feel left out of the action, so she
does and OVER THE SHOULDER lift with him. Also included ABS punching. Watch as Jess takes both on in a games of MERCY
and arm to arm TUG OF WAR. Jess is proud of her physique and poses and flexes for the fans. Watching her kiss her biceps
will make you want to be her next victim. Included BONUS: behind the scenes. Watch Jess practice LIFTING and CARRYING
Tom. She has no problem with these feats of strength while enjoying showing off her strength.
25 minute Strength Video
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The webmaster catches up with Jess the day after her big NPC Nationals competition at the host hotel. What a great
surprise for her fans!! Jess sits down for a breakfast interview with the webmaster. She later on lets you follow along
through her day of flexing, posing, and of course ArmWrestling. She's in peak competition shape.  She's in such great
condition that the judges said her muscles were too large!! The Webmaster hangs out with her to give the fans an inside
look of her day, which is certainly far from typical. Jess' Biceps and overall fit appearance grab the attention of many. Jess
enjoys the attention which is well deserved as she flexes, poses and walks around in public wearing her muscles and high
heels! (Her calves are amazing in the walking scenes!) . She's proud, fit and stronger than most men. The Webmaster
challenges her to Armwrestle and a Bicep Pulldown challenge (with admiring onlookers) but he just can't handle her huge
and powerful biceps. Jess proves that she's certainly one of the most muscular and strongest models on VT
25 min 18 sec Video
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Jess at the NPC Nationals Video
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NEW! - Jess's Beach and Biceps Video
Jess flexes her big and strong biceps on the beach while wearing her sexy bikini. She knows exactly how to pose
to make her muscles pop. She catches the attention of people passing by who admire her physique. From head to
toe, including her perfectly shaped calves, her solid Abs and her powerful biceps. Jess then takes the webmaster
back to her kitchen where for old time sake, she humiliates him in a few strength challenges including  a BICEP
MERCY game, BICEP PULLDOWN challenge and an Armwrestling match. Watch as she proves that she's
maintained and even gained strength since her last video shoot.
15 min 16 sec Video
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