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NEW! - Jett's Mini-Tryout Video
Jett's Bicep surprise was hiding under her shirt until they made an appearance and earned time with the
Webmaster to show what they really can do!! Jett is proud to bring out her biceps that surprisingly pop when
she flexes them. She gets super excited and shows off her amazing flexibility and strength by doing some
pull-up and gymnastic moves, improvising and using the poles of a construction setup. Her physique is in
great shape and she shows sheís strong too with a few quick tests thrown her way. Includes: BICEP
PULLDOWN, ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty) She throws in a little extra credit and does a PIGGY-BACK LIFT
with ease and then goes further to show her leg strength by squeezing her strong legs around the
Webmasterís body and neck like a python, giving him a little sense of  what to be prepared for in her future
videos. After watching this awesome video, and picking your jaw off the floor, youíll know why Jett made a
lasting impression with the Webmaster and the fans, earning herself an invitation to do more on the site.
19 min 54 sec Video (757MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Hi, Iím Jett. Iím happy to be here and to share my passion and personality
with you all. Iím naturally fit and athletic which gives me confidence to make
a lot of friends. I love having fun and try not to take things too seriously.  I
think the only thing that shocked Wimpy more than the pop of my bicep was
the strength of my legs (which kinda left him dazed and confused!) Iím
honored to have you as my fans and canít wait to do more and to show
more of my fit physique and strength.
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