NEW! - Jewell Marceau's Tryout Video
Welcome to Jewell Marceau's page!
For those who don't know me, I'm Jewel Marceau. I'm very well known in the adult
film industry and have done many videos ranging from mainstream to the more
unique. My world opened up even more after filming with the Webmaster, to
experience the world of female strength and muscle. I must say I had a great time
and felt more energized than ever after the tryout shoot. He's invited me to do
more in the future and I'm looking forward to making more videos for the fans to
enjoy. Feel free to admire me as I enjoy pleasing you in hopes of making all your
fantasies come to life. Looking forward to making more videos and to bring all the
fans continued pleasure and enjoyment in the future.
22 min 13 sec (878MB) MP4 Format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Jewell Marceau, a famous adult film star is lucky enough to run into the Wimpy Webmaster. She's sexy with spunk and
confidence. She's got no doubt that if put to the test, she will make the site without any problem at all!! She convinces the
Webmaster to give her a tryout and after her awesome biceps don't budge during the PULLDOWN test, he sees she may have a
chance and worth his time to give her a shot. Ready....Set....Go! Tests include: PIGGY BACK, game of MERCY and ARM
WRESTLING (Righty, Lefty, his Two Hands against her one hand, only TWO of her fingers against his entire hand!!  He refuses to
lose but doesn't have any other choice but to accept defeat to her great strength!! Not only are her biceps strong, her entire
body is powerful also including her ABS which take a punch without so much as a flinch! The final test comes when she
SCISSORS him between her strong, hard QUADS. He quickly begins to feel fear the moment she puts pressure on his neck and
panics. She refuses to let go unless he taps out. Not willing to admit defeat, he wakes up from dreamland, seeing her sexy body
towering over him. Who's the one being tested now Webmaster? Video ends with a very special victorious FLEXING and POSING
scene highlighting Jewell's amazing physique.  Watch and enjoy as she teases with her fit body as only Jewell Marceau can do!
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