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Hi I'm Jill Rudison. a famous female bodybuilder. Going to the gym is my passion. Working
out is second nature to me as I started lifting weights at a young age. I love competing
and proving people wrong who think a woman can't be strong while being attractive. My
biceps, quads, calves and abs are in impeccable shape. I'm strong and extremely fit. If
you ever doubt my strength, I'm happy to take you on, but before you know it, you'll be
begging for mercy. I'm looking forward to making many videos for my fans. Once you start
watching my videos, you'll be hooked.
Jill, a fbb bodybuilder, is shocked that she needs to send in an audition video. Jill's a bit annoyed that the webmaster doesn't recognize
her and she very well knows that her biceps can swallow him whole! She lets the trash talking fly and lets the webmaster know what
would happen to him if he ever met her in person and tried to pull down her biceps or if they ever arm wrestled.  She's proud to show off
her twenty-six inch quads, which have earned her the name "Quaddess". Her quads are so powerful that she warns putting someone in a
scissor hold will have them begging and pleading to be let out of her powerful squeeze! Her calves are impressive also...watch them pop
while she wears high heels. She guarantees that one punch to her solid abs will break your hand. Once you watch her flex, you won't be
able to stop. Webmaster....guess it didn't take long to be convinced Jill should be on the site, right?
NEW! - Jill Rudison's Audition Video
12 minute Audition Video
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