Welcome to JJ's Page!
Hi fans, you can call me JJ just like all my friends do. Was great to take a
break from my 9-5 job and let loose a little during the convention. I instantly
got hooked to the idea of showing off my strength. Doing ArmWrestling and
other strength challenges with the Webmaster, I couldn't help but smile and
feel extra confident during my debut video. I never knew going into work that
weekend would be so much fun!! Looking forward to seeing all of you again
next year and hopefully doing some more awesome videos, highlighting my
strength for the fans until then.
NEW! - JJ's Flex and Armwrestle Video
8 minute Video (321MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
A very pretty and fun hotel employee joins the action and is super excited to show that her sexy side matches
her strength in order to earn herself a coveted spot on the Webmaster's site. He's interested in her bicep
strength. After a warm up with BICEP PULLDOWN, he challenges her to Arm Wrestle. They go RIGHTY, LEFTY,
his TWO HANDS against her ONE HAND as his defeat is magnified by the crowd that this amazing show of
strength by JJ attracted.  As a last attempt to gain his dignity, he challenges her to game of MERCY but
nothing can bring it back as she is just too strong for him. Feeling empowered, she's excited and flexes and
poses, celebrating her victory and her introduction to the world of female muscle and strength admirers.
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