Welcome to Joanna's Page!
Hi, I'm Joanna. I'm an IFBB Pro from Spain. I have dedicated my life
to building my physique while focusing on keeping a feminine
shape. It's great there are so many fans on the site who appreciate
the hard work us female bodybuilders do every day. Thank you to
all my fans and sending you flexes and smiles.
The webmaster is recruiting at a show and he runs into Joanna Romano, an IFBB pro and her husband. They don't speak
much English, but she soon shows that flexing her amazing biceps, it's easily translated into WOW in any language!! She's
super attractive and feminine with an addicting smile. Her biceps are incredibly pumped and ready for the show.
She gladly accepts the webmaster's challenge to prove that not only is her muscle incredible looking, she's happy to prove
she's strong for real but first the webmaster surprises her with a quick BICEP PULLDOWN test. She hardly notices him
hanging off her perfect biceps and just continues to flex and smile. He moves on to the ARM WRESTLING match and Joanna
and her strength, immediately take charge. She takes him on right handed, and left handed and her muscles don't even
budge. while she continues to flex and pose for the camera.  After wearing down the webmaster, her bodybuilder husband
steps in thinking he can do better but he too learns there is no match to Joanna's bicep strength and he gives up too, even
after the webmaster jumps in to help!! As a last resort to put a win in the men's column, a bystander fan joins the guys and the
match becomes Joanna arm wrestling the THREE MEN at one time. No matter how much they try, they can't put her biceps
down. She flexes in victory while the guys worship her amazing strength, beauty and muscular figure. Watch this jaw
dropping video to see how the webmaster discovers Joanna as he finds she's a serious athletic IFBB pro with a fun
personality who's more than proud to show off her strength and amazing physique.
Joanna's Flexing and Armwrestling Video
(includes 2 on 1 and amazingly a first ever 3 on 1 match!)
10 min 39 sec Flex and Armwrestle Video
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