Welcome to JoJo's Page!
Hi, I'm JoJo. I'm athletic and strong. The webmaster was impressed by my
strength after I did 25 reps lifting a 150 pound kettleball at a sports trade show.
I make working out and staying strong a priority. I have amazingly strong biceps
and a sweet and confident personality which is just perfect to be a model on
the site. I'm looking forward to making many new fans and hopefully doing many
videos for you.
9 min  14 sec Armwrestling Video
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JoJo catches the webmaster's attention after she completes the kettleball challenge at a trade show. She shows up many of the men and out
passes their score by lifting the 150 pound kettleball 25 times!! Whoa!! Her strength peaks the webmaster's curiosity and he's compelled to
put her biceps to the test in an armwrestling challenge. She's excited to prove her strength as they armwrestle righty and lefty and even using
his two hands to her one doesn't give him an advantage as he just goes down each time. As the webmaster recovers, JoJo takes on her
bodybuilder boyfriend in a double or nothing match. His confidence is short lived as she holds her own and puts him down with her muscle
strength! As a last resort to gain his manhood, the webmaster gives JoJo one last challenge to armwrestle her. She offers her two fingers
against his entire hand knowing he's much weaker than she is. Feeling a bit humiliated, he tries to put her down, but there is no way he has a
chance with her! Watch this video to see how she takes on the webmaster and her strong man!!
JoJo's Armwrestling Video
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JoJo's Tryout Video
(includes Behind the Scenes and 2 Bonus Videos!)
JoJo made a great impression at a sports expo where she met the webmaster. She's back for her official tryout looking beautiful and
feeling stronger than ever! She's been preparing for competition and it shows with her defined biceps and abs which are beginning to show
her six-pack! She's full of energy and immediately shows off her strength by doing pull-ups in heels at the park!  The webmaster puts her
through his rigorous tests to see if she's of caliber to make the site including: ARMWRESTLING, BICEP PULLDOWN, MERCY, and ABS
PUNCHING, all of which she passes with ease!! After she warms up her biceps embarrassing the webmaster in a dumbbell curling contest,  
her strength shines in the LIFT & CARRY portion of the tryout in which she shocks the webmaster doing lifts including: PIGGY-BACK, BACK
squeeze strength is measured during the scale test where she shows her amazing quads can squeeze 180 pounds of pressure!!  Even
after that, he couldn't believe her quads would be strong enough to make him tap out so JoJo complied with his request. He couldn't take
the pressure of her monster quads squeezing his body and when the pressure was applied to his neck (at his request) he learned how
dangerous her strength was as he was out before he even knew what hit him!

INCLUDED - Behind The Scenes: JoJo's Arm and Leg Strength is tested for real to make sure that no one would get hurt (especially the
webmaster!) in the making of this Tryout video
JoJo's Lift and Carry Video w/Behind the Scenes
First Ever Dead Lift on the Site!!
After her tryout video, the webmaster and the fans were blown away by her Lift & Carry strength! JoJo's true strength
comes from her rock strong arms and quads and she's excited to show off her power and to prove she is the REAL deal as
she returns for her Lift & Carry video. Don't let her cute appearance full you....she shows she can lift the 180 pound
webmaster with astonishing ease! Lifts include: PIGGY BACK-with squats, BACK-TO-BACK-with squats, FIREMAN'S-while
spinning the webmaster around, OVER-THE-SHOULDER-with squats and balancing on one leg. Although he's scared out of
his mind, he sits on her shoulders as she does a most impressive, rare SHOULDER RIDE!!  She smiles the entire time while
he shakes like a leaf!! Don't worry webmaster, she's got you!! As a grand finale, JoJo stays true to her word by proving she
can DEAD LIFT the webmaster!!! Yes....you weren't imagining this. She does indeed, DEAD LIFT the webmaster!!!

Included Behind the Scenes: The webmaster runs through all the lifts with Jojo in preparation for the video. It is here where
Webmaster learns just how strong and confident this woman is as no lift is off limits including the DEAD LIFT which was
done at her request!!
17 min  10 sec Lift and Carry Video
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--Bonus 1--
Jojo's Bikini Flexing/Posing Video
JoJo shows off her beautiful physique in this terrific video. She's
preparing for competition and shows off her moves under the
direction of the webmaster. Her sexy bikini and heels highlight
her gorgeous muscular physique. Her biceps pop and bounce
and truly impress as she flexes them. Her strong quads are hard
as rocks and they are some of the best ever seen!! Feeling
confident and proud, she takes over the camera and does some
flexing and posing showing her fans just how fit she is !! She's
certainly the quad queen with impressive biceps and abs!! She's
the entire package from head to toe!!
5 min 44 sec Flexing Video
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--Bonus 2--
Jojo's REAL Armwrestling Video
The webmaster puts JoJo's strength to the test during a
100% REAL armwrestling challenge! In this match they
both go all out (righty and lefty) and JoJo turns out to be
unbelievably strong!
5 minute Armwrestling Video
FREE! (with purchase of Jojo's Tryout Video)
27 minute Tryout Video
BONUS! - 5 min 44 sec Flexing Video
BONUS! - 5 minute Real Armwrestling Video
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NEW! - JoJo's Mirror Flexing Video
NEW! - JoJo's Armwrestling Video 2
(includes: Bicep Measuring)
NEW! - JoJo's Lift and Carry Video 2
(includes: Dead Lifts, Over The Shoulder, Leg Press,
Piggy-Back, Cradle, Back-To-Back, Fireman's!)
NEW! - JoJo's Scissor The Burglar Video
(includes: Behind the Scenes where JoJo shows her
REAL Strength!! )
NEW! - JoJo's Ab's Punching Video
NEW! - JoJo's Grip Strength Video
Includes: Game of Mercy and Apple Crushing!
JoJo continues to impress with her strong arms, core and quads as she
proves she can easily lift the webmaster over and over again. She
handles the standard lifts like a pro while doing deep squats with him
over her shoulder and also does her signature DEAD-LIFT with the
webmaster several times without any effort at all!!
JoJo has fun putting down the webmaster with her strong BICEPS! No
matter which way he tries to win, he can't compete with her strong defined
muscles! He also measures her biceps which show how much her biceps
pop from unflexed to flexed.
JoJo flexes in the mirror and takes charge of the
camera to show off her physique which is in top shape.
You'll be sure to enjoy this selfie video!
JoJo demonstrates exercises she does that brings out her new, six-pack
 She then takes Wimpy's best punches!  After Wimpy's hand is worn
down, he takes her super human abs on with a baking dish!
While admiring and measuring her muscle progress, JoJo is surprised by an
intruder. She stays calm and cool and immediately subdues him in a scissor
hold with her strong legs. He begs for mercy and promises to give up his life of
crime if she loosens her tight grip around his neck. Watch how JoJo 's
handles this thief like a pro!!
JoJo's hand strength is incredible. After impressing him with her
strong grip in MERCY, she shocks the Webmaster by crushing a
whole apple with a single squeeze of her hand!
Be careful Webmaster, she's coming for your head next!
NEW! - Jojo's Bikini Beauty and Strength Video Package
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NEW! - Jojo's Bikini Beauty and Strength Video Package
Get all 6 videos below for $29.95
7 min 30 sec Video  
4 min 34 sec Video  
4 min 22 sec Video  
8 min 45 sec Video  
16 min 21 sec Video  
9 minute Video  
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