Welcome to Josi's Page!
Hi, I'm Josi, I'm a hard-trained fitness girl with stunning
muscle from Germany. I love to flex and show off my
muscle (especially my biceps and abs) for all the
VideoTeasing fans.  If you like my audition video (and I think
you will), I hope you will follow me on my
I am working on my English and hope to talk more in my
future videos.
NEW! - Josi's Biceps and Abs Audition Video
Stunning and breathtaking are the only words to describe Josi's Biceps and Abs!  Her guns pop
up out of nowhere to a shocking degree!  When flexed, her abs go from simply toned to
unbelievably ripped in a split second!  You can tell she really loves to show it off in this amazing
audition video. She gives us 5 minutes of solid bicep flexing followed by 5 minutes of constant
abs flexing, and then Josi ends it with 5 minutes of the best of BOTH worlds - Abs and Biceps
TOGETHER!  We here at VideoTeasing have never ever seen this type of muscle on this type of
physique.  Definitely one of the most unique models (and videos) on VideoTeasing!
15 minute Video (541MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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