Welcome to Joy's Page!
Hi, I'm Joy!
I'm in my 50's but have more energy than girls half
my age.  I'm sexy, strong, confident and wait till
you see my pec flexing talents!
NEW! - Joy's Audtion Video
The webmaster meets a woman named Joy in the park to check her out to see if she's qualified
to be on the site.  What he finds is an extremely energetic and sexy woman who is more than
anxious to prove herself.  Yes, she dominated Wimpy in Armwrestling and also showed how
easily she can lift him but what really blew the webmaster away was the way she pec flexed with
her "massive talents" which were prominently on display throughout the video.
14 min 10 sec Video (576MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
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